New To Vaping: Everything You Need To Consider *

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If you have ever considered switching to vaping from smoking cigarettes, you are not alone. Vaping has grown tremendously since hitting the back in the early 2000s, especially after its sudden boom in popularity in 2010. Today, the UK reportedly has 2.7 million adult vapers. Since the number of smokers on the decline, the current total being 6.9 million people, many assume the number of adult vapers will also rise.

The modern electronic cigarette, which comes in the shape of a vape pen, mod or pod, is an effective method to help people quit smoking. Many switch to vaping to help them reduce their nicotine intake as they look to stop smoking cigarettes.

Understanding What Vaping Is 

Vaping is a modern method of smoking where users (or vapers) inhale a nicotine-infused vapour from an e-liquid or e-juice. After the e-liquid has been added to the vape pen or mod, it is heated by an electrical device. This creates the vapour that will then be inhaled by the user.

There are various vape devices available, which come in different sizes, styles and formats. Each one is comprised of a heating element, battery, wicking material and also a tank that holds the user’s e-liquid of choice. The wicking device is wrapped around a heating coil, absorbing the e-liquid. When the power button is pressed by the user, the vapour is produced.

Vaping Equipment Available And What To Choose From

Deciding to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping is one step. The next is knowing what equipment is available and which to choose from. There are four main categories of e-cigarettes to choose from: Starter Kits, Mods, Pods and Disposables.

Starter Kits – When you are new to vaping, starter kits are possibly the best choice. Starter kits generally contain everything that you need to start your vaping journey - the only thing that you need to purchase is an e-liquid flavour of your choice to add to them. Starter vape kits for beginners are an increasingly popular choice, as you do not need to worry about purchasing the right components to get the vape working. With a selection of starter kits available, such as these from Superior Vapours, it is easy to find a size and style that you like.

Mods – Including everything that you need, mods provide more power for longer vaping, without charging or producing intense clouds. Not all mods come with batteries or tanks, so you would have to purchase those separately. Mods are more targeted towards users who are enthusiastic about their vaping experience.

Pods – A recent addition to the vaping market, pods are gaining popularity by numerous vape users due to the improvements in technology. Coming in two forms, closed system and open system. A closed system means that you purchase pre-filled pods that you consume and dispose of once they are finished. An open system, similar to mods, means you full empty pods, or tanks, with your chosen e-liquid. For those that want to be discreet about using a vape, then pods are a great choice. Due to being small in size, it allows them to fit into a pocket easily.

Disposables – Out of the four, disposables are one of the simplest, cheapest and most accessible vaping devices available on the market. Many of the latest devices offer all-in-one units that can be disposed of once the battery has run out. Alternatively, there is also replaceable unit devices that allow users to recharge the battery and replace the cartridge holding the juice, wick and heating element.

Know What You Want To Vape

After selecting which choice of equipment you want to use, starter kit, mod or pod, now you have to decide what product you want to smoke. Vaping offers users a selection of choices, including CBD oil, herbs and normal e-liquids. There is an ever-increasing number of e-liquid flavours available, with new concoctions being added to the mix daily. Whilst having a great range of choices means that you are bound to find a flavour you like, it can be overwhelming to decide.

One of the main benefits of vaping is the simplicity of e-liquids. They are easier to use and are usually composed of four key ingredients: Flavouring, Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (an ingredient often found in fizzy drinks) and Vegetable Glycerine (commonly used in many food products.

Whilst there are guides on how to choose a vape juice, many will highlight the importance of selecting the right strength. If you switched to vaping as a way to cut down on smoking cigarettes, opt for a higher strength e-liquid. Over time you can lower the strength to help reduce the times you use your vape.

After deciding to make the switch and purchasing your first vaping tool, spend time reading through the instructions that come with the device. Each brand and device are different, so you want to ensure that you know everything about your device, from how to get started with it, to how to maintain it. Spending the time doing this will help to make your first experience using your new vape the satisfaction that you were looking for.

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