New Products I've Been Trying Out From Typology

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 I’m back with another review of some new releases from Typology. If you’re not already familiar with Typology then they are a natural, vegan and cruelty-free brand that do their best to leave no trace of their products or brand in the environment, which I think is fab! I have reviewed many of their products on my blog in the past year or so which you can check out here

They kindly sent over two of their facial mists and their SPF30 face sunscreen with Aloe Vera RRP £27.40* for me to give a whirl during the summer. 

The first of the two facial mists I’ve been trying is the Antioxidant Botanical Mist with Organic Green Tea RRP £16.50* which is suitable for all skin types but especially for dull skin, uneven complexions or skin that is subject to stress such as pollution and blue light etc. You can use it at any time of the day to refresh and hydrate your skin and you can also pop it in your fridge to make it extra cooling and refreshing. 

It has a nice mist, it’s not too harsh but it’s not light either and I like the earthy woody smell of it as well. You can definitely smell the Silver fir seeds along with the green tea aspect of the ingredients. It’s a nice refreshing facial mist that I actually keep on my bedside table so I can use it throughout the day when I’m working at my laptop or if I’m having a bad pain day and just want to give my skin a quick refresh.

The Toning Botanical Mist with Organic Rose Geranium RRP £18.50* has kind of an earthy rose scent if you what I mean and contains active ingredients Rose Geranium Hydrolate, Beech Bud Extract, Italian Helichrysum Essential Oil. The mist is also suitable for all skin types but especially for skin types which are lacking firmness and elasticity and are also dry. 

I like the Toning Botanical Mist and I think it really helps you calm your skin, especially if I have a pesky breakout but I’m not 100% on the earthy rose scent as I prefer a typical English kind of rose scent usually if I was to choose a rose-scented product. 

I’ve also been trying the SPF30 Face Sunscreen with Aloe Vera RRP £27.40* which is described as lightweight, produces no white cast, non-shiny and non-sticky finish. It’s enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to deeply hydrate the skin. 

It also prevents photoaging through mineral and organic filters which offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. You should apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure to the sun and reapply every 2 hours in prolonged exposure. It’s also not waterproof. 

I think it would make a great SPF30 sunscreen for people who have dry and sensitive skin in particular (although it’s suitable for all skin types). It’s not too thick and creamy, it’s lightweight like it’s described and applies nicely. It also has very little scent to it which is why I think it would be good for sensitive skin types. 

Have you tried anything from Typology before? Are you interested in any of the products I've reviewed in this blog post? Let me know in the comments!

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