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In today’s post, I’m finally sharing some of the things that I’ve been loving over the past couple of months or so. I haven’t actually done a favourites-styled blog post in ages, I think my last one was way back in Spring! So I thought it was about time I changed that. There’s a mixture of beauty, wellness, fashion and even a couple of food faves included too, so here we go… 

First up is the Ovira Noha Device* which I talked about here a few months ago. It’s a tens machine which has been designed to help period pain and also potentially other pain you may get with conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis. I use it for my chronic back and pelvic pain and suspected endometriosis (as well as period pain when I get a period) and it works really well at distracting your mind from the pain as it overloads your nervous system by stimulating the nerves which help to reduce pain signals to your brain. It doesn’t hurt or anything and it’s totally safe, it just vibrates and there are up and down buttons so you can choose the level of vibrations that works for you. I love how compact it is and the fact that there’s a clip on the back so you can just clip it onto your clothes and get on with your day. My old tens machine was a bit bulkier, switched off automatically every 20 minutes with no setting to change it and also had really long, tangly wires which were annoying. So I would recommend the Ovira device. I’m not going to lie, it is on the pricier side for a tens machine at £119 but I do think it is worth it and they also offer a 100-day risk-free trial too. 

I treated myself to a little LUSH order last month to cheer me up a little and I picked up some old faves and also a few products that I’ve never tried before. One of which is the Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water Mist RRP £6 and I just think it’s so nice! It’s refreshing and soothing on the skin and it’s just a nice smelling face mist to use throughout the day for a little refresh.  

So I really want to try and build my confidence with fashion and just myself in general as I feel like lockdown really affected my already low confidence so I’ve recently picked up a few new clothing pieces, nothing too crazy but I've been buying things which are just a little bit different to my kind of everyday go-to choices that I've gotten into the habit of buying.

For some reason I’ve been really into vintage-looking touristy T-shirts lately, that’s the only way I can describe them. The latest addition to my wardrobe is probably my most favourite one so far, it’s from Daisy Street Plus (via ASOS) who I’ve actually been really enjoying buying from this year as I’ve bought quite a few bits from them including some other slightly oversized t-shirts, a cardigan and a sweatshirt. I don't normally wear green, I usually go for darker colours or stripes when it comes to t-shirts so the Grand Canyon tee is a bit different for me. 

I also got two new gorgeous necklaces from
Daisy London which I'm obsessed with. I already own a couple of necklaces by them which I wear a lot so I was excited to add a few new pieces to my collection. I choose the 
Wild Daisies Flower Necklace 18Ct Gold Plate RRP £119* which I think is my favourite out of the two as it just sells itself, I love the embossed daisy flowers and I just think it's such a lovely little statement necklace.

The second necklace I chose is the Isla Mother of Pearl Necklace 18Ct Gold Plate RRP £109* which is just so simple but eyecatching at the same time and it can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces really easily. I love the delicate twisted chain and I'm really into my crystals and gemstones and things like that so I just had to get it once I set my eyes on it.

I also think that they both go nicely with my latest t-shirt addition as the gold and the green really suit each other and they also go with a lot of my usual casual day-to-day clothing too. I highly recommend Daisy London, their jewellery is such good quality and so pretty, I feel like if you're looking to buy someone some jewellery this Christmas then you should definitely check them out.

~ P.S. pls ignore my hair in the above photos, it's in desperate need of a chop and it was my second failed attempt at using my new hair waver tool lol. ~

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons since the new update came out with all the much needed added content. I love the farm produce aspect and making food, visiting mystery islands via Kapp’n and obviously visiting the cafe and seeing Brewster. It’s literally been a game changer and I think the update was definitely needed. I also picked up the Happy Home Paradise DLC which I really like but I haven’t actually played it loads yet as I’ve been spending so much time playing on my own island. 

One of my all-time favourite brands BeYou launched some new products recently including vitamins, gummies and a CBD foot cream. Another product that they added to their CBD range is their 300mg CBD Muscle & Joint Gel RRP £24.99* and it’s been working really well for me so far. I already use their 300mg CBD Muscle Balm religiously, I’m never without it and it works really well for my endo/pelvic pain that I deal with daily. However I’ve been using the Muscle & Joint Gel on my chronic lower back pain, leg pain which I sometimes get which I think is related to the suspected endo and also just for general aches and pain such as shoulder and neck ache and I’ve found that it works really well. Because of its gel consistency, a little goes a long way, it does have a slight kind of Vicks VapoRub smell about it which I don’t mind but I just thought I’d mention it and it has a kind of a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Also if you’re interested in buying anything from BeYou, don’t forget that you can get 10% off your order by using the code ATBK10 at checkout or by clicking here

Lastly are a couple of food bits that I’ve been enjoying recently, there's nothing super exciting but I just thought I’d throw in a few food faves anyway just for a bit of variety. Because I’m having to cut back on sugar these days, I’ve been really struggling when I’m craving something sweet, but I discovered Gullon Sugar-Free Cookies and they are so nice! They literally taste like Maryland cookies but they are sugar-free. So if you’re having to cut back on sugar for whatever reason then I’d highly recommend checking Gullon out. You can find them at Asda, Sainsbury's, Iceland or on Cherryz. 

Lastly is such a boring food favourite but there’s a valid reason why it’s in here. I haven’t dared to eat tomato soup for literally years due to my Gastritis, however, when I was ill with the flu a week or so ago, I got desperate as I was struggling to eat properly and I tried tomato soup and it didn’t annoy my stomach at all. So I’ve been eating it quite often over the past week or so (with a buttered bread roll obviously) and I’ve just really been enjoying it. It's also the perfect time of year to eat soup, isn't it? It just makes you feel all cosy haha.

What have you been loving recently? 

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  1. I was obsessed with Animal Crossing when the update came out, I've fell off the hype again now ahah! I really want to get back into playing it again though, it's such a good game :-)

    Courtney x