False Eyelash Trends to Expect This Year - 2022 *

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Since masks are still expected to be worn for lots of social occasions, this year’s biggest makeup trends will continue to put a lot of focus on the eyes. You can expect expressive and personalised eye makeup that tells you about the wearer’s character and style without the need to see their whole face. After all, if we can expect to have to keep smiling with our eyes (or “smizing” as coined by Tyra Banks in 2009), why not make them as cute and characterful as possible? We’ve broken down all the prominent eyelash trends you can expect in 2022, including bright-coloured lashes, three-dimensional embellishments and the wet look lash. 

It’s not all about looks though: the first eyelash trend we can expect to see in 2022 is a more sustainable approach to false eyelashes. 

  1. Sustainable 

As the world wakes up to the harsh realities of climate change, lots of us are starting to make sustainable swaps to eco-conscious products that are kinder to the planet and we can expect a transition to more sustainable lashes as a result. 

Keep your eyes (and lashes!) peeled for faux vegan lashes that replicate the luxurious look and ultra-soft feel of mink, without the actual mink and the cruel processes that these necessitate. You can also expect to see less plastic and waste with your eyelashes, and more reusable and recyclable or recycled boxes. 

  1. Coloured or White-Out

From cat eye flicks to cut creases, we’ve seen lots of vibrant and colourful eyeliner this year. Next year, you can expect to see this colour brought up to the lashes! Expect bright-coloured and neon lashes, as well as bold all-white lash looks in 2022. 

Photo: New York Makeup Academy on Instagram. 

Photo: New York Makeup Academy on Instagram.

You can also expect to see MUA’s match their bold lash colour with their eyeshadow and eyeliner colour palette for an aesthetically-pleasing and striking look. 

  1. 3D Embellishments 

We know that we can expect lash looks to be even bolder and more creative than before in 2022, and three-dimensional embellishments are at the heart of this. Gems, stickers, and other colourful decals are expected to make an appearance on our lashes, adding a unique twist to the standard black lashes we’ve grown accustomed to. 

Photo Credit: splashes.insta on Instagram. 

  1. Wet Look / “Juicy Textures” 

Bustle reports that “juicy textures” are going to be huge for 2022. While this is anticipated to be glossy and shiny finishes on your lips and eyes in fun berry shades, we can also expect to see “juicy” wet-look lashes in the new year. These lashes have the light and soft feel of classic false lashes, with the textured volume (and spikes) you’d expect a wet lash to have. 

 Photo: LashBase on Instagram. 

  1. Double Lash Trend

Although this trend was spotted at the start of this year on TikTok, we can expect double lashes to make a comeback in 2022. To achieve this look, one set of lashes is applied as normal, and the second is applied at a slant; the first half of the lash on the lash line, but the second sloped upwards towards the eyebrows. The gap this creates is then filled with winged eyeliner to create a fuller, bolder eye. 

Photo Credit: @style on TikTok. 

You might even expect to see subverted lashes in 2022, as showcased by makeup artist Lucia Pieroni at Givenchy.

Photo: Lucia Pieroni on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see what bold lashes you’ll be wearing in the new year. 

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Image Source: Unsplash