How To Personalise Your Car

Cars are often a case of function over style, with roads teeming with boring grey, silver and black metal boxes. Whether you want to inject some personality into your car or just want to make it easier to spot in a car park, there’s nothing to stop you from personalising your vehicle and making it even more of a joy to drive. So, if you’d like to personalise your car, below are a few ideas for you. 

Paint your car a different colour

If you bought your car because of price, reliability or fuel efficiency but had to compromise on colour, you can change it. I’m not suggesting you nip down to Homebase, have your favourite colour mixed up by the staff, then attack your car with a paintbrush, but a car paint specialist can give your car a custom make-over with a professional finish. 

Wave goodbye to a boring black car and say hello to a sunshine yellow one! 

Brighten up the interior

Do you ever look around your home and fancy changing the cushions, curtains or sofa covers? You can do the same with your car. For example, you can cover your steering wheel with a fluffy pink or more subtle faux leather steering wheel cover, buy new seat covers and cover headrests with a funky fabric. 

If you’re a whizz with a sewing machine, you could even make these covers yourself, so you have something truly unique and personal to you. 

Change your car seat covers 

When it comes to car seat covers, there are loads to choose from. Go retro with a beaded seat cover, have heated ones installed or, for a cheaper option, buy heated seat covers that plug into the cigarette lighter socket (does anyone actually use those for lighting cigarettes anymore?)

You can also liven up your gear stick and seat belts with covers (obviously keeping safety in mind and making sure the seat belts are still functioning as they should). 

Wrap your dashboard

When it comes to the dashboard, you don’t have to stick with what came with the car. Let’s face it, dashboards may have lots of exciting gadgets on them such as screens and dials and stuff, but the actual dashboard itself is usually nothing to write home about. 

Don’t put up with a dull dashboard - dashboard wraps in all manner of colours and patterns are out there just waiting for you to buy them. 

Car pedal covers

You probably don’t take much notice of your car’s pedals, other than putting your feet on them to accelerate or brake. But did you know you can get covers for your pedals? Whether you want blue, red or diamante, you can pimp those pedals to your heart’s content. 

Add the finishing touches

Now your car is your favourite colour on the outside and the inside is furnished better than the inside of your home, how about some finishing touches? Eyelashes on cars aren’t for everyone but they can add a bit of fun. The same with stickers. Not everyone wants jokes or motivational slogans on their car bumpers but they can raise a smile to those driving behind you (hopefully not too closely!) 

As you can see, there are many ways to personalise your car. How far you go is up to you. 

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