The Different Types of Veneer for Consideration *

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When it comes to deciding on which veneer to go for to cover up ugly teeth we can choose from different materials and different brands. For instance, we can choose between a composite material and porcelain or opt for a brand of veneer called a Lumineer.

Read more to find out about the types of veneers and the treatments available. Turkey is a place of dentistry where cosmetic treatments are available. In particular, the fitting of veneers to cover up teeth that you no longer want to look at in the same way because they displease you so much.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers will mean that a resin is applied to the outer surface of the tooth. They last for the least amount of time compared to other types of veneer used in dentistry. This does, mean, though, that they are the most affordable of all the options.

All veneer treatments are designed to match a patient’s teeth and will brighten up their look while improving imperfections.

Porcelain Veneers

Every time we research porcelain veneers, we find an even larger figure in terms of how long they will last. In every case, it will be about how well you look after them. Our latest discovery is that they might last anywhere between 10 and 30 years. This makes them a very cost-effective option despite their higher cost compared to composite veneers.

No dental veneer can be considered indestructible. If they were, they would last forever and outlive anybody who has them fitted. If you take reasonable steps to take care of them, then you will get the life out of them that they are designed to provide.


Lumineers have become a brand of choice for many. This is because they are ultra-thin and so require minimal shaving of enamel by a dental surgeon to fit them smoothly onto a tooth. They are a way to keep your existing tooth as much as they improve your look from the face down. The rest, though, is not your dentist’s responsibility.

The consistency of the Lumineer means that it is thinner and so more translucent than a porcelain veneer would be. You need to think about why you need a veneer when considering the right brand or type for you. People with very badly stained teeth will instead opt for the porcelain variety because they have less translucence, just being slightly translucent on their edges.

So, what do Lumineers offer? Well, they are considered a conservative solution to damaged teeth as well as a long-lasting solution. Imperfect teeth can be restored cosmetically with this technology that is available to dentists in Turkey and other parts of the world. 

Whatever option of veneer you go for, the one certain thing is that you will improve your overall appearance, which will, in turn, increase your self-confidence. You can simply, without invasive treatment, hide those imperfections that have become undesirable because of the way you have started to think of them. Many people will have had the feeling for a while before taking the plunge and deciding on veneers.

Veneers are just one way to improve our teeth cosmetically but a very effective way. They are no trouble to fit compared to other beauty treatments that are more troublesome and costly. Our face is an important part because rarely does anyone view us from the bottom up. It is normally the other way round when they see your face first. Sometimes it will fit, other times it won’t. We cannot help it if this has nothing to do with our teeth. If it does, though, our dentist can cost-effectively put this right.

Cosmetic dental treatments can help us to get on in life. Worrying about our appearance can hold us back even when the other person does not seem bothered. If we want to stand out for the right reasons, we have to put ourselves forward when it comes to deciding about whether or not to go for a cosmetic dental improvement.

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