A Spring Wishlist

It's been a bit quiet around here lately, hasn't it? Having over a month's break from my blog and Instagram wasn't the plan at all but I've been dealing with some new health issues since the end of last year on top of my existing ones and I'm currently waiting for some blood test results and then I've also been ill with potentially COVID (the lateral flow was positive but PCR was negative so idk). But if it wasn't COVID then I really don't know what it is was but all I know is that I've never felt so unwell with a migraine before and then I also developed sinusitis and an ear infection and I was put on antibiotics that made me feel like I was on a completely different planet. FUN. But I'm back now, well, that's the plan anyway but we'll see how I go. I thought I'd start off with a Spring Wishlist as I haven't done a wishlist in ages and it's kind of fun to do because it basically means online window shopping and then writing a blog post all about it haha. So here's what I've currently got my eyes on...

Nintendo Switch OLED RRP £309.99 / Mela Comfort Quilted Weighted Blanket Cover RRP £45 / LUSH The Comforter Body Spray RRP £20 

I definitely think I'm going to be picking up a White Nintendo Switch OLED RRP £309.99 soon. Do I really need it? No. But I find that my original Switch is a great distraction mechanism for me when my anxiety or pain is bad and I play mostly in handheld mode so I feel like the upgrade would be nice. Not only is the picture supposed to be better and kind of "pops" but I like the fact that the screen is slightly bigger and the battery is a little better and I can sell my current one to kind of get some money back for the OLED when I buy it if you get what I mean. So basically, yes, I'm just talking myself into upgrading when I don't really need to but I just feel like I've had a rubbish start to the new year and I deserve it to be honest lol.

I love my Mela Comfort 7KG Weighted Blanket (you can read my review all about it here) and I find that it really does help with anxiety on the most part and helps you to sleep better as well. However, they’ve since had a rebrand and are now called Aeyla, my blanket cover is the old version and I really like the look of the newer blanket cover which is reversible. It'd also make it easier when it comes to washing because then I can switch between them and not have to go without the cover being on whilst it's air drying. 

I'm obsessed with the LUSH Body Sprays, they sound kind of pricey at £20+ for what is described as a body spray but they last for ages as you don't need a lot of product and the scent lasts well on your skin. I literally always get compliments whenever I wear a LUSH Body Spray which shows how well the scent sticks around. I really want to pick up The Comforter Body Spray RRP £20 as it kind of reminds me of fruity sherbet-y sweets but not in a sickly way. I didn't even think I'd like the smell of The Comforter until I received the bath bomb in a gift set. But yeah, I definitely want to pick this up soon.

Only Curve Jersey Sundress with Ruched Strap in Navy RRP £28 / LUSH Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar RRP £9Planet Revolution Recycling Bin RRP £20

I’m slowly having a clear-out when it comes to basically everything in my life at the moment, I find it quite therapeutic and I know there are a few barely worn dresses in my wardrobe that I’m going to Depop because they’re just not my style anymore or don't fit me and I'm going to pick up some new dresses. I really like the look of the Only Curve Jersey Sundress with Ruched Strap in Navy RRP £28 on ASOS which I’d probably wear with a white tee underneath with either pumps or sandals. It looks like a lovely Spring/Summer dress and it looks nice and floaty which is great for bad bloat/endo pain days.

I'm thinking about picking up the LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids Shampoo Bar too. I’m still on the fence about shampoo bars as they don’t seem to work all that well with my hair, I find that they make my hair colour fade quicker, but I’d like to try and make the switch to a shampoo bar if and when I find one that works for me and I must admit I do like the sound of my hair smelling like the Honey I Washed The Kids range. 

I really like the idea of the Planet Revolution Recycling Bin RRP £20 for my bedroom. It’s apparently on the smaller side according to the reviews so I’m waiting for a little bit of a discount before buying but it’d make life easier when it comes to filling the recycling bins downstairs because it’d already be sorted out. I’m also planning on picking up a few other bits from Planet Revolution soon and I may do a round-up kind of review. 

Wella Professional Colour Fresh Mask in Chocolate Touch RRP £9.99 / Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Body Oil RRP £24.50 / Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP RRP £39.99 

I want to pick up and try out the Wella Professional Colour Fresh Mask in Chocolate Touch RRP £9.99 soon as I'm dyeing my hair back to a warm chocolate brown from a dark red-brown, it's not a massive difference but I'm a bit bored of the red tones and how quick it seems to fade so I feel like a chocolate brown will work better for me. The Colour Fresh Mask is basically exactly as it describes, it's a colour depositing hair mask that refreshes your colour between dyeing and it seems to have really positive reviews.

It's been a couple of years since I first tried Too Cool For School and I've tried a couple of other products since then, some have been hits and some have been misses but I remember really liking the Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Body Oil RRP £24.50 and I want it back in my body skincare routine for Spring as I remember it being really hydrating, it dried down pretty quickly and it also smelled lovely too. 

I’d also really like to pick up Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP RRP £40 as my Spring/Summer scent to wear this year as I received it in one of my Secret Scent Boxes a while ago and it smelled so nice and lasted well too. It’s such a lovely floral scent but not in an overpowering or old fashioned floral way. 

Pixi Glow O2 Oxygen Mask RRP £26 / ASOS Design Curve T-Shirt with National Park Graphic RRP £12 ASOS Design Curve Boyfriend Check Shirt in Tan and Black RRP £20 

I haven’t owned the Pixi Glow O2 Oxygen Mask RRP £26 for ages but I remember really liking it, it’s just the price tag that put me off a bit. However, I may treat myself to it soon once I’ve used up some other products as it really does brighten up your skin. 

I'm still really into touristy looking T-shirts like I mentioned in my last faves post and the ASOS Design Curve T-shirt with National Park Graphic RRP £12 has definitely caught my eye and I think the ASOS Design Curve Boyfriend Check Shirt in Tan and Black RRP £20 would look nice with the National Park Graphic T-Shirt with some jeans just as a comfy, easy to throw on kind of casual outfit.  

What's on your Spring Wishlist? x

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