8 Ways To Calm Anxiety

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I hate to think how many times I’ve googled how to calm anxiety quickly or ways to calm anxiety over the years. I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember, some times it’s pretty bad and can control my life a little and sometimes it’s more manageable, it depends on what’s going on in my life at the time and also whether what I’m feeling anxious about is a trigger for me too. But I thought I would write a blog post about the things that I’ve personally found are great ways to calm anxiety. 

Also just a side note, I personally don’t want to take prescription medication for my anxiety right now because I worry about the side effects as I do seem to be quite sensitive to medication and the side effects that can come with it. That’s my personal choice though, obviously, if you feel you need to speak to your doctor about trying medication for anxiety then you should. 

So how do I manage my anxiety?

I find that herbal tea can be helpful, especially ones that are targeted to help you to be calm, relaxed or help you to sleep. My two favourites are the Pukka Night Time Tea containing oat flower, lavender and limeflower and the Pukka Love Tea containing rose, chamomile and lavender. Basically, I find chamomile and lavender really good for anxiety and cutting back on caffeine can help reduce anxiety symptoms too. 

I started using Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles again this year and I really like the Orange and Elderflower flavour in particular as they promote emotional wellbeing and balance. I find that the pastilles work well, especially if I feel like my mind is racing at night or if I feel panicky which does happen sometimes. They’re perfect for popping in your bag when you're on the go and the Orange and Elderflower flavour literally tastes like sweets too. They also have Rescue Remedy drops and sprays available but I haven’t tried either of them myself as I’ve been happy enough with the pastilles. 

I also use BeYou CBD Oil to help with my anxiety symptoms. I find that the 1200mg works best for me and I usually buy it in the Berry flavour, however, they do a Natural flavour and Lemon flavour too. You can get 10% off your first BeYouCBD order by using the code ATBK10 at checkout or by clicking here. You do have to build CBD up in your system, so you might not feel the effects right away but I’ve been using CBD since 2018 for both my chronic pain (suspected endometriosis) and anxiety issues and I wouldn’t be without it. I’ve found that it’s definitely one of the best ways to calm anxiety for me personally. 

I’ve been using Aromatherapy Roller Ball Oils for a couple of years now and my go-to brand for them is Tisserand as they’re affordable and effective. My favourite Tisserand rollerballs are called Sleep Better and Total De-Stress and like the Rescue Remedy Pastilles they’re just super handy to pop in your bag. You can sometimes buy the sets on Amazon at a reduced price if you’re unsure of which rollerballs to opt for. 

Having a good support system and talking to someone you can trust about your anxiety and anything that might be making your anxiety play up can help. This can be a friend, family member or your therapist if you have one. As they say ‘A problem shared is a problem halved.' 

Things to take your mind off your anxiety can be useful such as fidget rings or a fidget toy such as a push popper toy, a fidget keyring or a fidget cube. 

I also find that writing out my to-do list and sectioning things up can help. So for instance something that’s more important and needs to be done today I’ll highlight in one colour and something that’s not as important and can be done tomorrow or later in the week I’ll highlight a different colour. It can help to stop you from stressing about everything on your to-do list and focus on the more important things to do. It’s also more satisfying to tick off or scribble out things on a to-do list. 

Lastly is deep breathing exercises and I like to do deep breathing exercises either to meditation music which I talked about in my recent what I’ve been watching and listening to post or nothing at all. I just focus on my breathing pattern and I sometimes incorporate gentle stretching into the exercise too. It depends on how I’m feeling. They say you should do the 4, 7, 8 breathing method (inhale for 4, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8) but just do what feels best for you. 

Hopefully, these tips on ways to calm anxiety might help you if you’re struggling right now. 

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  1. I absolutely love Pukka teas, they taste so good! Like you, I love the night time Pukka tea. These are some great ways to calm anxiety, deep breathing helps me when I'm having an anxiety attack x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I've personally not suffered that greatly with anxiety however I have a close family member who has. I found myself nodding along to a lot of this. CBD oil worked brilliantly for them too. That and deep breathing exercises. It's always useful to read things like this to help people like myself know how to support others.

  3. My SIL swears by Rescue Remedy but it wasn't something I'd ever come across before. I've heard the 54321 method is handy if you don't have things like this on hand. (Focus on 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 you can hear, 2 you can smell and 1 you can taste) and that helps to take your mind off the worry and sometimes calm you down. I guess like lots of things you have to figure what works for you as it might be different for the next person.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those rescue pastilles, sound great! x

  5. I love the ideas you have given, and the specific Pukka teas - definitely going to look into them. The problem with Pukka, is they all sound so nice! I have suspected endometriosis too, sending you love. I drink the tumeric gold Pukka tea to try to ease some pain throughout the month x