7 Ways I'm Hoping To Improve My Blog This Year

I haven’t wrote about content creating on my blog for a long time. So I thought for this week’s post I would share some ways that I’m hoping to improve my blog this year as there are quite a few things I’m working on. I feel like a lot of people think that blogging is dead but I personally don't think it is. I think it's just changed since I started back in 2016. But at the end of the day people still search google for reviews and advice and that's where having a website/blog comes in. Having only social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to share content is fine but what happens if your account gets deleted or if something happens to the platform and people stop using it? This is why my blog is still my main focus, so here are some things I'm hoping to work on and improve this year.

Have a better understanding of SEO 

I really want to have a better understanding of SEO. I know a little bit about it but it’s just one of those topics that I can read about but find it hard to take in. I’m thinking about maybe signing up to Skillshare and taking part in some classes about SEO and other classes which could help with content creating too. I have been working on researching my keywords and I think I must be doing something right as my keyword ranking is looking slightly better on Moz. I also need to remember to optimize photos by adding ALT text and Title Text going forward as I know that can help with your SEO as well. 

Create more of a variety of content 

I would also like to create more of a variety of content, so far I’ve made a few Reels over on my instagram and they’ve been doing okay, views-wise but not amazing but it’s quite a fun process to put together. I think I’m going to give TikTok a try as well. I do have a TikTok account but I haven’t properly set it up or anything yet so I’ll definitely share it once it’s all up and running. I’ll probably just do short snippets of things on there such as current faves, empties, first impressions, and follow whatever trends that are going on, such as the deinfluencing trend and also promote my blog which obviously has more thorough content if that’s what the viewer wants.

Change up my photos a little bit 

I would like to change up my photos a little as well. Flatlays are usually my go-to and I do enjoy taking flatlay photos and they’re also easier for me to do in terms of my chronic pain as I can sit down whilst taking the photos but I would like to change things up and do more of a variety. It’s also nearly summer so I’m thinking, if the seeds that we planted in the garden recently actually grow then I might be able to take some photos in the garden late-summer as well. I follow Creatively Squared on instagram and they have so many great photography tips and tricks on taking creative photos so I may pick up a couple of new photo props and give some of them a try soon too.  

Write about more topics 

As much as I love writing about beauty, I would like to write more about home and interiors such as doing wishlists about things I’ve got my eyes on, covering seasonal sales, talking about things I’m wanting to change in the house or garden etc. I also want to talk about gaming a little more because as I’ve said before I prefer to sit down and play a video game to relax over sitting down and reading a book so I feel like I could definitely recommend some games and maybe review some new games too.  

Getting more opportunities with brands and building relationships PR contacts

I would love to build some long term professional relationships with PR contacts which will hopefully lead to getting some more exciting opportunities with brands too. A lot of people who I was in touch with have switched and moved to different roles and different companies so I feel like I need to start over and start reaching out and introducing myself. I used to feel a lot more confident reaching out to brands and introducing myself but I’ve just lost confidence over the past year. I even wrote a blog post on how to bag a sponsored post a few years ago when I was feeling more confident about reaching out to brands.

Work on my DA score 

I really need to work more on my DA score which I have been doing but I’m not seen any huge improvements yet. To cut a long story short, last year I was struggling a lot with my mental health, dealing with grief and obviously living with my chronic pain so I wasn’t posting as consistently. I also worked on a sponsored post with a brand and I didn’t realise at the time that they had worked with a lot of spammy websites (I stupidly didn’t properly check them out - always check them out beforehand!) so it all had a domino effect on my DA score and it dropped about 5 points in one go and it’s been up and down since. 

Post twice a week instead of once a week 

Lastly, I'm planning to start posting more regularly and from next month I’m going to post twice a week instead of just once a week. I think posting more often will hopefully help with my DA score and it will allow me to cover more of a variety of topics  throughout the month too. 

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