8 Useful Tools You Should Own If You're a Content Creator

After writing about 7 ways I’m hoping to improve my blog and my content this year, I thought I’d write another post about content creating so in today's post I'm sharing a list of 8 tools including photography gadgets, apps, lighting and more, which I think are super useful to own if you’re a content creator and why they come in handy. 

Tripod for phone/camera 

Tripods are probably one of the most used items by content creators depending on the content they create. If you're someone who creates or planning to create outfit reels or sit-down and talk-to-the-camera kind of videos then you'll probably need a tripod because it just makes it easier, however, if you're a vlogger then you might prefer to just hold your phone or camera. As I mentioned in my recent post about ways I’m hoping to improve my blog, I’m planning to start taking a more variety of shots when it comes to taking photos instead of flatlays all of the time so I’ll probably be using my tripod more often soon for both photos and potentially for upcoming reels too. 

A Bluetooth remote

Bluetooth remotes are super handy, mainly if you’re using a tripod for say a YouTube video, an outfit reel or a reorganising/cleaning video on TikTok as you can discreetly hold the remote in your hand to start and stop the video. Bluetooth remotes also work for photos as well. They’re only around £5-6 to pick up on Amazon and some tripods even come with a Bluetooth remote. 

Backdrops/textures for photos 

Backdrops are a must if you regularly take photos for your blog or insta. Backdrops can be anything from free wallpaper samples from your local DIY store or B&M, self-adhesive contact paper from Amazon stuck down on a foamboard, professional backdrops like the ones I regularly use from Club Backdrops or some sort of fabric. You can also use things you already own such as blankets, scarves, jumpers and more for your backdrop. 

Props for photos or for the background of a video 

I love buying props for my blog and insta photos. Props can include anything from real/artificial flowers, trinket dishes, string lights, trays, chopping boards and more. For videos, you might want some props to make your background nicer and you can do this by adding plants, prints, background lighting such as a neon sign or maybe even mood lighting to change the colour of the lighting in the room. 


I’ve been using foamboards for literally years. Whenever you see a flatlay on my blog or insta, they’ll always be a foamboard under the backdrop or I’ll use the foamboard as the backdrop itself and I’ll add some pretty tissue paper just to break it up a little. You can also stick down your wallpaper sample or contact paper on foamboard as a cheaper way to create a backdrop. 

Artificial lights 

Artificial lighting is a must-have in my eyes, especially during the winter when it gets dark really early. I’ve been using soft box lighting for years now and it really helps to make my photos pop. If I take photos in natural lighting they tend to look quite dull and they’re harder to edit. I’ll sometimes run into issues when I start editing photos if the lights have made something look a little glary but it’s pretty rare. I think it depends on where you take photos in your house and if your house gets a lot of light throughout the day or not. 

Useful free editing apps/websites 

I use the free version of Lightroom on my phone to edit my photos and that works really well for me. I also use Be Funky and Canva for creating content. I usually use Be Funky to create grid collages for my wishlist blog posts. You can also use Canva to create content such as media kits, infographics etc.

A microphone

A microphone is a must if you regularly talk in your videos. Whether it’s a YouTube video or a TikTok video, better audio quality is always a good thing as it’s more professional and there’s nothing worse than bad audio quality so it’s definitely something to consider if you talk on your videos often. 

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Image Source: Pexels