A Father's Day Gift Guide

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It only seems like 5 minutes ago when I was putting together my last Father’s Day Gift Guide but I’m back again with some gift ideas if you’re stuck on what to get your dad or the father figure in your life this Father’s Day. It lands on Sunday 18th June this year, so it’ll soon be here again. I’ve also made sure to include a variety of ideas and different price ranges as well. 

First up is the Sass & Belle Bohemian Stars ‘Dad’ Mug RRP £10.50 which was the first gift I picked up for my dad this year. My dad prefers a big mug for his tea or coffee so I thought it would be ideal for him and I just think it’s really cute. It kind of gives off Emma Bridgewater vibes which I personally really like.

Next up is the Nivea MEN Sensitive Pro Menmalist Face and Beard Wash RRP £7.99 which contains 10 essential ingredients. There’s also a bundle you can buy that I didn’t notice until after I bought the Face and Beard Wash. I bought the Face and Beard Wash as my dad has been quite interested in skincare lately and he’s always asking me about what works for what and so on because he knows how much I like skincare and that I’m fairly clued up on what does what. So I thought I’d get him a new face wash to pop in his gift bag and I chose the Nivea MEN Sensitive Pro Menmalist Face and Beard Wash as I know he tends to like Nivea products and it was on offer for about £4 at the time.

Next up are a couple of shower gels as I find that they’re always a good gift bag filler and I’ll be honest my dad isn’t that fussed when it comes to shower gels as he doesn’t have a favourite scent or a particular brand he buys from so I bought him two Lynx Shower Gels from Superdrug. I chose Dark Temptation as it smells like dark chocolate and Java which contains cedarwood, musk and spices.

In a Matchbox sell cute novelty matchbox gifts for all occasions. I’ve got three to show you in this gift guide that I think would make a great gift for your dad or the father figure in your life. In a Matchbox also offer FREE 1st class royal mail delivery on all UK orders. 

First up is the You The Man Novelty Stationary Kit In A Matchbox RRP £9.95* which contains useful items that can help you in multiple ways. In a Matchbox have taken the top 7 items to be found in a Man Drawer, and reinvented them to create a mini Man Drawer that can be carried around in your pocket. The matchbox includes a Lucky Sixpence which can be used as a tyre tread tester, paperclips you can substitute for a mini screwdriver, toothpicks which double up as tools to clean your keyboard, a birthday candle for emergency lubricant for a stuck zipper or lock, sticky tack aka a portable stress ball, and an emery board to sharpen your penknife. It comes with instructions inside about the multiple ways the items can be used and even a handy little ruler on the side of the matchbox. 

The contents includes: 

A sixpence, 3 paperclips, 2 toothpicks, A birthday candle, An emery board, White sticky tac and full instructions. 

Next is the Meteorite With You're A Star Message In A Matchbox RRP £9.95* which I chose as my dad has always been interested in space so I thought this would be ideal. When you open the matchbox it reveals a genuine meteorite rock and the message ' There are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe...plus you equals 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,001'. The 6mm meteorite chip NWA869 comes with the official scientific classification details and I just thought it was pretty cool and unique for a gift. 

Lastly is the Sending You A ‘Hedgehug’ Matchbox RRP £9.95* which has the message ‘Sending You A Hedgehug’ and inside the matchbox is a cute little handmade wool felt hedgehog and a card saying ‘My point is… you’re amazing!’ Another reason why I like this matchbox is that it’s quite personal in a way as we actually have a hedgehog in our garden that’s been in our garden for at least a year now and my dad is the one that sees it the most due to the time of day it tends to make an appearance and I’m always asking him ‘Have you seen the hedgehog today?’ and then he’ll tell me if he has or not and what it was up to. 

Next up is something simple but something that will literally go down a treat is whatever your dad’s favourite sweet treat is. At the moment my dad really likes Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bars which I actually got him into so that’s what I decided to get to put in his gift bag. 

Talking of food gifts the Virginia Hayward ‘Father’s Day Gift’ Hamper RRP £27.50* has a selection of both sweet and savoury treats for your dad to indulge in as well as a cute Sass & Belle ‘Busy Being a Dad’ mug. The hamper includes some Mighty Fine Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Dips, a bag of GNAW Milk Chocolate Buttons and a chocolate flapjack from Yorkshire Flapjack. For the savoury side of the treats, there’s a big bag of Lightly Sea Salted Crisps from Fairfields Farm, Dean’s Baked by Hand Extra Mature Cheddar & Black Pepper Bites and a jar of The Dormen Caramelised Peanuts. You definitely get your money’s worth with the Virginia Hayward ‘Father’s Day Gift’ Hamper! You can also send it directly to your dad if he doesn't live close by and you can add a personalised message to the box to make it extra special. All of the packaging Virginia Hayward use is either recyclable or reusable and they also have other gift hampers that would be suitable for Father's Day too.

the next idea is a voucher of some sort… does your dad enjoy shopping at a particular store often or has a particular place he likes to go for a meal? You could also support a local business if you go down the voucher route too. 

If your dad is into band T-shirts, I recommend checking out George at Asda as they sell licensed band T-shirts. I’ve bought my dad quite a few over the past year or two from George at Asda including a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt and a The Cure T-shirt. They tend to only be around £12-£16. They’ve also got some Disney and Marvel T-shirts on their website at the moment that are cheaper at around £8-£10. 

Lastly is a gift experience which could be anything from a high-speed passenger ride in a supercar, an indoor sky diving experience, Faulty Towers dining experience, a helicopter flight and more. You can also buy a voucher with a gift experience company and then let your dad decide on what he wants to do, a lot of them are for two people so he can take you along too.

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