Things I've Been Loving Recently...

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I was looking back at what I’ve posted on my blog this year and realised that I haven’t posted a ‘Things I’ve Been Loving Recently’ since June. It’s now almost November… how has that happened?! So in today’s post, I’m sharing some things that I’ve been loving since my last Things I’ve Been Loving Recently post. 

I decided to try another natural deodorant and this time I opted for the Salt of the Earth Natural Crystal Deodorant RRP £6.50 which is different to any other natural deodorant I’ve tried before. It’s basically just a stick of unscented natural mineral salt and the salt kills bacteria which is what causes B.O. Like all natural deodorants, you may sweat and smell a little more at first whilst your body is getting rid of any toxins but that doesn’t always happen but if it does, it’s completely normal, you just have to stick it out. You also still sweat when you use natural deodorant but this allows your body to properly breathe and detox. The Salt of the Earth Natural Crystal Deodorant is a bit weird to use at first as you apply it to wet skin, so you pop it on after a bath or shower or you can run the stick under water and apply it that way as well, just make sure that you always dry the stick after use. But overall once I got used to using it, after the initial toxin detox, I really started to like it as it does work and I can see it lasting for a while too.

Next up is the the TikTok viral Unicorn Shave Butter from Mallows Beauty RRP £13.95 which I decided to buy because so many people were saying how good it is, particularly at reducing ingrown hairs and also getting a closer shave and I’ve got to say it works really well. It also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and it smells amazing! It’s like a sweet candy smell but not in a horrible sickly way. You can even use it as a body wash if you want to as well. I loved it so much that I went back and ordered the Unicorn Body Butter because I just love the scent and the Spot Treatment Gel as it was on offer at the time and I was in need of a new spot treatment. Both of which are great products and I would also recommend by the way. Also, I have a little tip in regards to buying Mallows Beauty products… if you use the TikTok shop they have offers on quite their products a lot. So it’s definitely worth checking out. 

I wanted a new cosy, chill game to play during the Summer so I picked up Ooblets on Nintendo Switch RRP £32.99 as it was on offer for £20 on Amazon at the time and it’s so good! It’s a little different to any other farming kind of game I’ve played because in Ooblets you don’t just grow crops, you collect creatures (Ooblets) which you then have to grow from a seed on your farm and you can then have them help you run your farm or have them follow you around and perform in dance battles to get more Ooblets (or prizes at the Dance Barn). You can also become friends with the locals who are all kind of odd and wacky in their own ways, buy goods from the local stores, complete daily tasks, take on orders to earn money and explore the different towns nearby. Once you get to a certain point, you can also run your own shop as well (but it’s optional). I highly recommend picking it up if you’re looking for a fun cosy game to play. 

I also just wanted to quickly mention Kinder Buenos chocolate bars as they’ve been my go-to chocolate bar for a couple of months now. They’re just so yummy, they’re sweet but not too sweet and they’re just nicer than a regular Dairy Milk or Galaxy chocolate bar in my opinion. 

Lastly is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream RRP £32* which I was a little worried might be too heavy for my oily/combination skin type but it’s really not. For some reason, when a moisturiser comes in a pot, I always presume it has a thick, heavy consistency, how weird? Anyway, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is lovely as it’s lightweight, it sinks in quickly and it’s formulated to suit all skin types. My skin seems to really like it and it’s definitely made me want to try some more products from Kiehl’s. 

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