Makeover Your Man: 5 Ideas To Improve His Wardrobe

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You might have put a lot of thought into your wardrobe, but how much have you considered your man’s? If the answer is “not a lot,” then this post is for you. We take a look at how you can make it better with a few simple changes and give him something stylish to wear every day of the week. 

Here’s everything you need to do: 

Talk To Him

The first step is to talk to him. Ask him about his style goals and what he wants to look like. 

Don’t worry if you get a shoulder-shrugging response. That’s just an opportunity for you to make your mark. 

When talking to him, be encouraging and supportive. Make it clear that you’re not criticising his current style. Just point out how handsome he could be if he made a few small changes. You could even suggest paying for it yourself!

Get Him To Declutter

If your man still has a tatty t-shirt from 1999, then it’s clear he isn’t paying much attention to his outfits. But that’s okay. You can simply take over the role and deal with it yourself. 

Start by going through everything he owns and looking for worn-out pieces. Look for garments that no longer reflect his style. 

Next, donate or sell unwanted clothes. If you’ve never seen him wearing something, then the chances are that he won’t want to put it on in the future. Get rid of it to make more space. 

Introduce New Styles

The next step is to find a low-friction way to introduce him to new styles. Forcing him to go on a three-hour shopping trip probably isn’t a good idea, but you can try other things.

For example, you could look for a men's brushed cotton shirt online, or peel through some men’s style magazines. Learning more about what he likes and what would look good on him can help a great deal. 

You could also take him shopping briefly and go somewhere he enjoys at the same time. For example, you might go to a restaurant and then pop into a clothes retailer afterwards to browse their options. 

Don’t make any big changes at first. Style is something that requires a long run-in period. Instead, suggest small alterations he could make and build from there. 

Prioritise Fit

While shopping, prioritise the fit of the clothes. Don’t make him wear anything too baggy or tight. You want something he can feel proud of wearing and that doesn’t stick out. 

You could also get some of his existing clothes tailored. This way, they can fit better and more snugly into his form. 


After that, you can experiment with accessorization. Adding things like watches and belts can give men a sense of pride and get them more interested in their attire. 

Many men love watches and collecting them becomes a bit of a passion for them. You could also try cufflinks or even items to put in their jacket front pockets. Just make sure you have fun while doing it. 

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