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In today's post, I wanted to share some TV shows to watch during ‘Spooky Season’. So I’ve put together an array of different binge-worthy TV shows which will cater for anyone looking for a show to watch this October which has either a creepy or dark kind of vibe. 

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I'm not going to lie, I'm really struggling with motivation at the moment. I don't know if it's the weather/season change or if I'm just going through a low motivation spell but I thought I'd talk about why I like Autumn so much to kind of put me in a better mindset and try and get my creative juices flowing again if you like.

Go All Out For Halloween This Year *

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Halloween is ever approaching, bringing with it the wet and windy weather and a spook on the air. So it’s time to get your celebration plans in order! Getting the best out of a halloween party can be easily done when you have all the right ideas and tips tucked up in your head, and especially if you start the process early. Here’s a few tips on making the night go a little further with your food and party decks, so you feel really good about putting all the effort in.

Have a Big Party!

If a birthday and halloween are coming up at the same time this year, why not go the extra mile and combine them both in an epic move by renting a house for a party. It can be a lil’ pricey, and you’ll probably need to save up or get all friends and families to chip in, but it’ll be an amazing experience to cross off the bucket list.

You’ll have the space and soundproofed area to go wild with music and dancing. And maybe even a little screaming depending on who turns up out of the dark… there’s some great pranking opportunities in a new house with lots of corners!

Make a Lot of Themed Food

Food and drink, but mainly good food, is what brings everyone to a party for the night. So you’ll need plenty of it to keep guests having the best time possible. There’s a lot of foods you can throw together in five minutes and place on the finger table, or you can hone your craft.
It’s called Devil’s Food Cake for a reason, so break out a box of that mix or whip up from scratch for the season. Use red icing or frosting to top the base off, and then some royal icing to create devil horns to stick out the side. You’ll be taking a bite out of a demon with each cake. Go wild with your cupcakes and pumpkin pies. Little jelly spiders or webs can be painted across the tops.

Make Your Own Decorations

An obvious choice is to stick to the halloween staple and carve a pumpkin. Carving out a pumpkin is a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you break away from the mold and throw some humour into your knife carving. Try picking up some proper carving tools first to properly get in all the sections you want, and to get that blood thirsty smile as sharp as possible.

Pick up some pumpkins from your local supermarket and carve them out, then use them as greetings at the door. This looks extra spooky when there’s a good candle inside, and a wide toothy grin to scare the trick or treaters.

If you like the fancy, or you think you might be throwing a high society vampire party, you can paint your pumpkins in silver, gold, and bronzed tones and then pop a glass or bottle inside, then pop your flowers in the neck. Super classy at such a cheap price.

You can also break out the toilet roll to wrap up a mummy in. Get a cheap manikin hand or a stuffed glove and place it under a dark door for a spooky surprise, or hang it out of a fake web so it’ll dangle in the breeze.

Design Your Own Costume

Costumes are arguably the biggest part of halloween celebrations. They make or break a party sometimes, and yet the guest list often come as similar things. You’ll see plenty of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and witches around your house, so try to switch up your own party piece.

You can turn old sheets into a perfect toga or dress to turn into a Greek Goddess for the night, or grab a wig to backcomb and then pretend to come out of a well. The thing about halloween costumes is that can be anything you want them to be due to the idea that our ancestors dressed up on All Hallow’s Eve to look different to confuse spirits. If you want to be Wonder Woman for the night, don’t let any ghoul stop you!

Opt for an uncommon theme, such as mad scientists or monsters made by them. Put on 'The Monster Mash', and let your inner child go free.

There’s a lot to be done for Halloween, and clearly all the stores are in the mood for it too when they’re already loading their shelves with the stock!

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So I know there's mixed feelings about Autumn for a lot people. But I love it. I know some of you reading this might think what, why? So I thought I'd write some things about I'd rather it over summer.
Here's my reasons why I adore Autumn so much:

The transition of colours
Mainly I love the leaves changing colour and falling and there's nothing more better than walking over a really crunchy leaf. Also I love changing up the colours of lipstick shades and nail polishes I wear more deeper colours.

The crisp air
Walking into crisp air definitely wakes me up and I think it feels quite refreshing.

Hot drinks taste so much better
Hot Chocolate? Yes please! It's true, hot drinks taste so much better and make you feel so much better when the weather gets colder.

Snuggly jumpers, fleece blankets and fluffy socks
I have already got some of my favourite comfy jumpers and cardigans at the ready for the cooler days. On the first of September I got all of my winter type tartan print scarves out too. So bring it on.

Buying new perfume and candles
I don't know if it's just me but I always tend to change the scent of perfumes I wear each season. So for Spring I like fresh, floral scents. Summer I like more fruity scents and in Autumn/Winter I like warm, rich, spicier scents. The same goes for candles. Is this just me? 

Halloween is just around the corner
I love Halloween. I like trying out more bold and some scary make up looks (but they always fail badly) and watching scary films.

New seasons of TV shows
I'm so excited for Once Upon A Time and American Horror Story and a few more shows that I can't think off the top of my head.

Feeling just generally cosy
I love getting that cosy, warm, fuzzy feeling.

Buying Christmas presents early
Uh yes I'm one of the crazy ones. I know some of you probably aren't even thinking or want to think about Christmas yet. But I do tend to buy a few around September/October just because I love Christmas shopping and if I see something in a sale and I know it's perfect for someone and it's saving me money then why not?

Extra bubbly bubble baths
Baths are just the same as hot drinks in the Autumn/Winter. They're just better. Nothing better than walking through your front door from the cold weather and having a nice hot bubble bath. My favourite thing to use for a treat is the Butterball or Butterbear bath bomb from Lush. Instant soft, moisturised skin. Yay!

So there's my reasons. Thanks for reading!

 What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

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