7 TV Shows To Watch During Spooky Season


In today's post, I wanted to share some TV shows to watch during ‘Spooky Season’. So I’ve put together an array of different binge-worthy TV shows which will cater for anyone looking for a show to watch this October which has either a creepy or dark kind of vibe. 


First on my list is comedy-horror Wednesday which was definitely one of the best new TV shows that came out last year in my opinion. It follows Wednesday Addams as she’s sent away to Nevermore Academy after she gets her own back on her brother Pugsley’s bullies by committing an almost deadly prank. The boarding school has an array of monstrous outcasts from Sirens, Werewolves, Gorgons, Vampires and Psychics. She soon finds herself caught up in the drama and many mysteries of the boarding school and the surrounding areas. Available on Netflix.


Lucifer is about Lucifer Morningstar who has abandoned his duties in Hell after becoming bored of being the Devil and has made the move to LA where he owns and runs a nightclub called Lux. He’s a suave, character who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he openly admits that he is the Devil but no one believes him and people just think he’s either completely mad or he’s playing a role which makes it even funnier. He accidentally becomes involved in a murder investigation when someone he knows dies. He then meets Detective Chloe Decker and helps with the case by using his powers and charms and he soon realises that he actually enjoys helping. He also realises that his usual charms and powers don’t seem to work on the Detective which makes him intrigued and want to find out more about her. So when he’s offered a job as a police consultant, he accepts and begins working with her. Available on My5 (first 3 seasons) and Netflix. 

Stranger Things 

Although most people have seen Stranger Things, it is a perfect TV show to watch during the spooky season. I actually rewatched it earlier this year and forgot a lot of things that happened in the earlier seasons and I really enjoyed rewatching it. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things then it’s set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. The first season is about a young boy named Will Byers who has mysteriously gone missing. His friends and family spend the first season looking for him and trying to pin together any clues about what has happened to him. They’re all concerned, especially considering so many weird things are happening in the small town that can't be explained. One of them is the arrival of a young girl named Eleven who has powers and has run away from the ‘bad people’. Available on Netflix. 


I feel like Grimm is one of the most underrated TV shows that I’ve watched. I don’t know if it was a bigger hit in other countries such as the US but it’s definitely one of the best fantasy/supernatural TV shows I’ve seen and I highly recommend it. It’s inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales and follows a homicide investigator called Nick Burkhardt who finds out whilst working on a case that he’s a Grimm and that he’s actually from a long family line of Grimms. A Grimm is a guardian who is in charge of keeping the balance between humanity and the ‘Wesen’. Wesen are mythical creatures of the world, however, Wesen usually appear to be normal humans, however, with Nick becoming a Grimm he sees the ‘real' Wesen version of the person which leads him to find out that people he knows are actually Wesen. This also obviously proves to be difficult when he’s a homicide detective as a lot of cases he’s working on have something to do with the Wesen world so he has to ask his new friend Monroe for help a lot of the time. Some episodes can be quite dark and creepy but there’s also a lot of comedy within the show. If you’ve seen Lucifer and liked the concept of that then you’ll definitely like Grimm and vice versa. Available on Sky Max/Now TV.

Bates Motel 

Bates Motel is described as a psychological thriller and a prequel to the film Psycho but it’s set in the modern day instead of the 1960s. After the death of her husband, Norma Bates decides to purchase the Seafairer Motel located in a coastal Oregon town so that she and her son Norman can start a new life. However, things go drastically wrong from the first day which causes Norman’s mental health to deteriorate fast and it starts to get worse as the season continues. Available on All4. 

American Horror Story

Next up is American Horror Story, however, I will say that I feel like the first three seasons were the best and then it started to drop off and I stopped watching it completely after season six. However, I am intrigued about the new season which I talked more about in this blog post. I definitely feel like the storylines, the cast and characters in the earlier seasons were better but it’s still a good watch if you’re looking for something that’s creepy and makes you jump. (I'll be honest, even the theme music freaks me out haha). Available Disney+. 

Unsolved Mysteries 

If you’re looking for a show about unsolved cases then I would recommend the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. Not all of the episodes are true-crime related as there are also episodes about UFOs, ghosts and even Bigfoot so you can pick and choose which episode/case you want to watch. Available on Netflix. 

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