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In today's post, I wanted to share what I've been watching recently. This time, I have just 5 TV shows that I want to talk about, including one popular TV show that I felt a little let down about after really enjoying the previous seasons.

I'm back with another What I've Been Watching Recently... post and once again I haven't watched any new films, I really need to sit down and watch some of the new films on my Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ watchlists, don't I? I've watched quite a few films I've seen many times before such as Harry Potter, some rom-coms and things like that, I tend to pop films like that on as background noise when I'm cleaning or tidying or even when I'm just scrolling on my phone or writing and replying to emails etc. So I've watched 4 TV shows that I want to talk about since my last What I've Been Watching Recently... post and here are my overall thoughts.