What I've Been Watching Recently...

I'm back with another What I've Been Watching Recently... post and once again I haven't watched any new films, I really need to sit down and watch some of the new films on my Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ watchlists, don't I? I've watched quite a few films I've seen many times before such as Harry Potter, some rom-coms and things like that, I tend to pop films like that on as background noise when I'm cleaning or tidying or even when I'm just scrolling on my phone or writing and replying to emails etc. So I've watched 4 TV shows that I want to talk about since my last What I've Been Watching Recently... post and here are my overall thoughts.

Queen Charlotte 
Queen Charlotte is a prequel spin-off to the Bridgerton series and it’s about Queen Charlotte when she leaves her home in Germany and moves to London after she’s betrothed against her will to King George by her brother. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like Queen Charlotte as much as I like Bridgerton as I enjoy the whole Lady Whistledown storyline in Bridgerton which isn’t really featured in Queen Charlotte even though it does flash backwards and forwards from when Charlotte first becomes Queen to the present day. But I loved it! It was one of those ‘I’ll just watch the first episode and see what it’s like’ and within 10 minutes, I was hooked and ended up watching 3 out of the 6 of the episodes in one go. I think it’s made me kind of understand her character more in the Bridgerton series and also why King George is like he is as well as I wasn’t really familiar with the history of the real Queen Charlotte and King George. I also liked the back stories about Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury which feature as well and it gave their characters more depth. If you’ve watched Bridgerton then I’d definitely recommend watching it, especially before the new season of Bridgerton comes out as I feel like it really helps with understanding more about the older characters. Available on Netflix. 

Race Across The World

Race Across The World is one of my all-time favourite TV shows and I was excited to see it return after COVID shut everything down. The premise of the show is that 5 pairs of competitors have to race across the world from one country to another country miles away with only the price of the airfare. However they can’t take planes and have to leave their phones, any access to the internet and credit cards behind. They have to budget and come up with ideas on how to get to the next checkpoint before ultimately reaching the final destination. They’re provided with a map and a brochure of little jobs they can take on along the way which will either provide them bed and board or payment (or sometimes both if they’re fortunate). I wasn’t really sure whether I was going to like the latest season as much as the previous season with the competitors not travelling across multiple countries and only travelling across Canada but it was so good! I’ll be honest I didn’t realise how big Canada is and how there are so many different kinds of areas if you get what I mean. It’s a beautiful place and it’s definitely made me add Canada to my bucket list of places I’d like to visit sometime in my life. Available on iPlayer. 

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Makeup Star 

I’ve watched every season of Glow Up and I really like the premise of the show, however, I just haven’t been enjoying Season 5 as much as the previous seasons. I don’t know if it’s because it’s just got so samey or if it’s just because I haven’t really understood, followed or liked the brands that have been giving out the briefs. There’s only been about two briefs that I’ve really enjoyed watching, the rest have just been a bit meh. Also, they’re a lot more bitchiness this season and I understand that it’s a competition but there’s a difference between being competitive and being bitchy. Even though I’ve not been enjoying this season as much, there are two contestants that I’m rooting for and hope to reach the final so I’m going to continue watching it to follow their journey. Available on iPlayer. 

Daisy Jones and The Six

I’ve also just started Daisy Jones and The Six and I’m really enjoying it so far, I’m definitely enjoying it more than the book which I struggled to read because of the interview format with it having so many different characters. I ended up giving up reading the book after only a couple of chapters. Inspired by Fleetwood Mac, the show/book is about a 70s band that had reached ultimate fame and then they suddenly call it quits. 20 years later the band sit down separately for a tell-all interview and discuss how it all started and what really made them break up. I really like the format of the show as it’s got the interview part as well as the flashbacks. It’s done really well and it makes you feel like you’re really watching a show about a real band. I also love the fashion in the show, it just makes me want to buy some 70s-inspired flary trousers and add another 10 floaty kimonos to my wardrobe. Available on Prime Video.

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