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3 Tips For Protecting Your Jewellery While Travelling *

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So you’re getting ready for another holiday adventure, fun in the sun, or

maybe even a skiing trip in some snow-covered mountains where the tradition of
yodelling still holds a healthy place in regional culture.

You’ve got your itinerary worked out, you have your sunscreen packed,
and you’ve picked the best clothes for the occasion. From here on out, it’s just a
matter of counting the days and looking forward to the inevitable great food,
beautiful landscapes, Instagram-worthy moments, life-changing experiences, and
new memories.

It’s just… you’re worried about taking your jewellery with you on the trip
and having it stolen. Maybe you’ve read something about petty crime in the area,
or maybe you’ve even fallen foul of burglary on one of your previous outings.
Whether you have a set of helix earring hoops that you’re really fond of, or
a watch that you don’t want to part with, here are some ways to protect your
jewellery while travelling.

Don’t take it with you in the first place

Well, excuse the obvious point, but it is a good tip, isn’t it? If you’ve got a
small collection of jewellery that was passed on to you from your beloved
grandmother, and you are absolutely mortified by the prospect of anything
happening to it, maybe taking it with you on your trip to Thailand isn’t the best
idea after all?

Generally speaking, it’s unlikely that you’re going to fail to look your best
because you left a few precious items of jewellery that you had to leave behind.
And the peace of mind you’ll feel from not having to worry about those items of
jewellery is likely to be well worth the trade-off.

Consider sticking to your less emotionally meaningful and priceless items
of jewellery for your travels.

Invest in a travel safe

Travel safes are, as the name implies, small portage safes of lock-boxes
that either lock with a key or with a combination code, in which you can keep
your valuables.

A travel safe could be a bit of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, the sight
of a travel safe is likely to excite any would-be thief, as he knows that there’s
something valuable inside.

On the other hand, however, a travel safe may present just enough of an
inconvenience that people don’t bother grabbing it.

Ideally, your travel safe will be locked away safely in your hotel (maybe in
a hotel safe), and your jewellery will be kept inside when you’re not using it.

Wear it at all times (and stick to safe, public areas)

One way of protecting your jewellery is to wear it at all times, and to stick
to safe, public areas. Any thief who crosses your path on the middle of a packed
high-street is likely to be an opportunistic pickpocket, not the kind of person who
will hold you up at knife-point and demand that you take off your rings.

Of course, it’s unlikely that rings or earrings will be snatched without you
noticing, but you may still want to be careful about your necklaces — especially
light ones on soft metal chains or strings.

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