Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dealing With Anxiety, Depression & Chronic Illness In The Workplace *

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I know this is going to be quite a tough post for me to write and it’s going to be a long one but I think it's necessary to raise awareness for people in similar situations and realising when enough is enough in a job. Which is what happened to me after putting up with so much crap for almost 3 years in a job that made my anxiety and depression skyrocket pretty much during and after every shift as well as affecting a number of other things too. I’m also going to be talking about how I’m trying to manage working (from home) with a chronic illness which is all pretty new to me and something I’m still trying to get my head around but I’ll explain more in this post. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


I haven’t actually bought anything from LUSH for a while for various different reasons but last week I decided to treat myself to some new products and some old faves in an attempt to cheer me up whilst I try and battle my current daily health problems which my doctors just can’t be arsed to properly diagnose and help me in the right way with. I wanted to pick up more body products rather than bath bombs as I tend to opt for showers more so than baths at the minute.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Revamping My Bedroom Wall With Desenio

I’d been debating on putting some prints on my brick feature wall in my bedroom for a while, as I had nothing on the wall apart some fairy lights over my bed and I feel like it was just looking a little bare and well, boring. Because the ‘brick’ is obviously wallpaper, I didn’t want to potentially ruin it and then have to wallpaper it all over again - because what a hassle that would be! (and I loathe wallpapering with a passion). But I recently decided to bite the bullet and attempt trying a gallery wall to try and make more of a feature out of the wall and I’ve got to say, I actually love how it looks and I wish I’d done it sooner!


Sunday, 7 October 2018

A Beauty Wishlist

Even though I know I own more makeup and skincare than I really need, after recently having a sort out and getting rid of things I don't use or like, I’ve been looking at some products I’m interested in buying or maybe even adding to my Christmas list as well as some products which I feel I’m missing in my beauty stash. So here are a selection of products I’ve currently got my eyes on right now.


Monday, 1 October 2018

6 Tips On Redecorating & Revamping Your Bathroom *

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We’re currently in the middle of redecorating our main bathroom upstairs as well as our small bathroom downstairs. So I thought in this post I’d talk about tips on redecorating your bathroom and making sure you get it right the first time. We're redecorating our bathrooms just because they both just needed a little revamp and in our house we're always changing something or redecorating one area or another. So here are some tips on redecorating your bathroom...
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