Lush Samples Review

Here's my review post about the Lush samples I received in my delivery last week which you can read about here. I was going to write this up sometime this week and post it next week but I've got some different kind of post ideas for next week so keep a look out for them!

In the Lush delivery the samples I received were Sandstone Soap, Fireside  Soap, Curly Wurly Shampoo and Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap. I have tried some of these before but it was a long time ago so I wanted to give them another go. So here's what I thought about each of them. Hope you enjoy!

First up I want to talk about is the Sandstone soap. I would definitely say this is more of a Spring/Summer scented soap but it is very refreshing so it'd probably be good one to use on those mornings you need to wake your body up fast. It's very citrusy and there is some sand present in the soap so it also gives a slight exfoliation to the skin too. It makes you feel like you want to be on a beach in the sun. I think I will be buying this in the future because I do really like it. I usually don't go for citrusy scents but this is lovely. It's quite similar to the Bohemian scent but I do think this one is nicer and prettier.

Next up is the Curly Wurly Shampoo. I have used this before in some random samples I received a while ago. I didn't ask for it specifically so when I opened the sample pot I was almost knocked out from the strong scent of coconut. It very overpowering so I didn't actually use it for a while. But I thought one day I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and try it. Once I put it on, it lathered up well and the scent calmed down and a sweet coconut scent stayed in my hair for ages after blow drying and my hair looked more fuller.  So because it was about six months since I first tried it I thought I'd give it another go. This time when I tried it, it didn't lather up the same. I had to use some of my coconut water shampoo with it to get a better lather. Then once I blow dried it I had lumps of white coconut clumps in my hair and it looked like I had done an bush tucker trial and got worms or lice in my hair. Not a good look! It did however have the nice sweet coconut scent again. Don't know if it was a bad batch but I wouldn't use it again.

Next is the Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap. I have used this before and I do ask for a sample of it here and there as a kind of back up cleanser. I only tend to use this when I've either washed my face a lot during the day (like in the summer when it's warm) or when skin is feeling a little sensitive or when I'm not well and I just want a light cleanse to refresh my skin. So I don't see the point in buying a 100g because I love my Coalface soap more and use that every single day. This smells similar to the Aqua Marina Cleanser which smells very sea like in my opinion. Unfortunately me and Aqua Marina didn't get along and I had a reaction and my skin went all red then I was covered in spots for about a week and a half. So when I first got a sample of this I was a little wary but it didn't smell as strong as Aqua Marina. It's smells more soothing and relaxing because of the Lavender Oil present too. So I gave it a go and I've used it here and there ever since. If you have sensitive/dry skin then I'd definitely recommend this one. 

Final sample is the Fireside Soap from the Winter range this year. I loved the flame on this soap and the description sounded lovely. I do love the smell of a bonfire. I would've bought it but it was out of stock when I placed my order. So I thought I'd see if I could get a sample and I did! When I first smelled it I was thinking is this the right soap? It didn't smell like the smoky, woody, winter smell I was expecting at all. It just smells like Cloves with a tad of vanilla to me. So it was disappointing. Then I used it as a hand wash and the scent smelled different than it did when I first got it. So then I used it as a body wash and it was okay I guess. It was more of a spicy vanilla but the smell didn't linger at all. I think the best thing to do with this soap for anyone who is unsure about buying it is to get a sample and try it out for yourself. I feel like it was a bit of a let down... or that my sense of smell isn't working properly. People were saying they could smell the smoky, winter smell and I don't at all. So I'm not going to be buying this one when I next shop at Lush. 

So there's my sample reviews. Have you tried any of these out before?

 What did you think? Hoped you liked this post! 
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