5 Tips On How To Prepare Yourself For Boxing Day Sales

We all love to get our hands on some bargains in the Boxing Day sales and the January sales. But let's face it, most of us go a little crazy and just buy some things because they're on sale and usually they just end up either hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still on, in their unopened box or in the bathroom, all waiting to be used. So if you read my Preparing For Black Friday post, then I'm pretty much going to follow that post this Christmas. But I've got some other ideas on how to not overspend and also some tips on how to get things even cheaper when their already in the sale.

Plan Ahead 
What I mean by this is just write down the things you're most wanting to get in the sales and if you're hitting the high streets on Boxing Day then just go to the things you want most and see if they've been added into the sale. Don't go wandering around the shop, make a beeline to the things you want, go to the checkout and then leave. Don't give into temptation just because it's cheaper. If you're more of stay at home, in your festive pyjamas, browsing through all the websites at what's in the sales kinda person (like me!), then instead of clicking on the "Sale" page, search each thing you're wanting to get cheaper. Then you won't get tempted by all the other things.

Another tip following on from the Plan Ahead tip above is to bookmark things you're most wanting to get at a cheaper price and then when it's sale time, just got to your "Boxing Day Sale" Bookmark and go through all of your bookmarked pages and see what's been reduced! (This was really helpful on Black Friday)

Promotion Codes

Some websites let you apply an promotion code, even when there's an sale going on. I've found this works on Lookfantastic and The Body Shop mostly. Also googling promotion codes for any website is always a good idea in general.

Put Spare Money Aside

So obviously if you're planning on buying things in the sales then you've more than likely saved some money from your last pay day before Christmas. But another good idea is to put an extra little bit of money aside for the sales and don't count it as your sale limit (basically trick yourself lol) because then if you find something you'd like to buy but have spent most or all of your sale money, then you're not dipping into the rest of your money that's got to last you until your next pay day.

Current Sale Items May Go Cheaper 
Anything in the sales right now before Christmas will probably go even cheaper either on Christmas Day or on Boxing Day. But... you do have to risk the fact that whatever you're looking at, may go out of stock in the meantime. But sometimes it's worth the risk! 

So there's my tips for Boxing Day, which I can't believe is a week away! Who's going to be hitting the high streets and who is going to be staying home, like me on Boxing Day and hopefully getting some bargains online? 

(PS: please excuse the terrible photo for this post lol)