My New Favourite Highlighter Under £4

The highlighter I'm talking about is the Collection Speedy Highlighter. I personally love this highlighter. I know some people say it's glittery and over the top but I don't think it's glittery at all. It's enough to give you a healthy looking glow and for someone who didn't wear highlighter at all until the beginning of this year and now wears it pretty much all the time when wearing make up, it definitely says something. This is my go to highlighter. Personally I'd say this is better than some high end highlighters I own. I'm looking at you Benefit High Beam...

I think Collection only do this highlighter in one shade which is Pearl Sheen. It's basically a champagne colour and compliments my pale skin very well. When you look at the colour of the stick it does look slightly pink but that pink doesn't show once you've applied it. I've worn this alone, under foundation and over foundation and it's work fine every way as stated on the product. Another reason why I love this highlighter is because of it's bargain price at £3.99! and you actually get a good amount of product for the price which let's face it... you don't always find with the stick products with the twist up packaging.

I already know that this will be in my 2016 Beauty Faves post that I'll be writing and posting next week. Spoiler Alert lol.

So there's my fave go to highlighter at the minute.
What's your go to highlighter right now?


  1. This is one of my favourite highlighters! It's so pigmented :) x

    1. It's hard to believe it's so good because it's so cheap too! x

  2. Awww I would love to try this it sounds lovely. I had something similar from Clinique and I unfortunately lost it :( x