The Body Shop Mini Haul

This really is a mini The Body Shop haul. There was an really good promotion going on: 40% OFF and also when you spent £5 you got free delivery and if you spent £10 you'd get a free Shea Body Butter worth £14. I haven't bought anything from The Body Shop for ages, so I was looking forward to it arriving. Here's what I got... 

The Jingle Gel Rock Gift Set

This was something that was on my Christmas Wish List mainly because I really wanted to try a few of the shower gels inside and also because it comes in such a cute little packaging. It contains 4x 60ml bottles. This was supposed to have been £8 but because of the 40% offer I got it for £4.80! I've only tried one of the shower gels in this set, which is the Moringa one. I really wanted to try the Fuji Green Tea most because I've heard good things about it. But I knew I wasn't going to visiting my local Body Shop until after Christmas and thought I'd get this little set because they're good trial size bottles and also good for travelling. (If you want to see the cute packaging, there's a photo at the end of the post)

Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm

I'd forgotten how much I love these. They're are so good for the price too. I didn't really need another lip balm but I thought I'd get another one, just to add to my ever growing collection. I always seem to lose them so easily. The usual price of these lip balms are £2 but because of the promo, it was £1.20. 

Shea Body Butter
This was the freebie gift worth £14 they were offering if you spent over £10. But because I put everything I wanted in the basket first, then added the promotion code, It seemed to let me have this for free. Even though I only spent £6. But altogether what I bought should've been £10. I don't know if that was why I got the freebie or if it was a glitch? I've never used an body butter from The Body Shop before and now I'm questioning why. I used this after my shower today and my skin is still feeling so smooth and lovely about 8 hours later. The scent isn't an overpowering scent, it's very delicate and the consistency of the it is thick and creamy which I love. I hate buying body butters and they're really watery.

I think I will be buying more products from The Body Shop (probably on Boxing Day)
 If you have any recommendations on what to buy and try then leave me a comment below! 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, I know it was probably the smallest haul ever lol.