My Favourite Things About Christmas

Today I thought I'd share my favourite things about Christmas. There's probably 20 more things I could write about easily but I thought I'd keep it (kind of) short and sweet. So here they are:
  • Getting the dusty old boxes full of Christmas decorations from the loft and realising how many pretty decorations we've got and finding some new ones from the Christmas sales last year too!
  • Deciding on what to buy who and browsing online and window shopping for hours. (Plus the 3 for 2 offers always mean treats to me with the cheapest item for free lol)
  • Lush Christmas Range, because who doesn't want to smell like candy floss?
  • Wrapping the presents and making them instagram worthy. We all do it, right?
  • Not feeling a tad bit guilty about the amount of chocolate I've consumed over the festive period
  • Taking presents to family who I haven't seen for ages and having a catch up
  • My annual tradition: Having a LUSH bath on Christmas Eve before getting into my new, cute Christmas pyjamas that I've either bought for myself or received as an early Christmas present
  • Getting in bed on Christmas Eve and feeling like an excited child
  • When I'm opening Christmas presents which are from my mum and dad and seeing my dad look as surprised/clueless about whats inside as me, whilst I'm opening most of the presents haha!
  • After opening the Christmas presents, watching my cats look at the wrapping paper on the floor like "wtf happened here? What did I miss?" and then beginning to investigate the situation...
  • Looking through the TV guide and trying to decide which of your favourite childhood Christmas films to watch on Christmas Day (even though I've got most of them on dvd)
  • Helping my mum in the kitchen when making Christmas Dinner (which resemble Christmas music on the radio, mum singing and me on peeling the veg duties)
  • The nap after eating Christmas dinner seems like the best nap I've had all year

So there's some of my favourite things about this wonderful time of the year. 
What are your favourite things about the festive period?

Hope you're enjoying my daily posts this week so far!

(Also if you're wondering why we haven't got lights on our Christmas tree. It's because of one of our cats, climbs in the tree and last year he literally almost hung himself. He had the lights wrapped around his neck and if we'd been out of the house, he wouldn't still be here right now. So we've got lights up elsewhere in the living room. Since last Christmas he has put on some weight, so he isn't going in the tree as much this year but we don't want to risk it still. Hopefully next year he won't bother at all lol)