What I Got For Christmas 2016

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! 

It's a few days after Christmas now and I'm still feeling like an beached whale (but that just proves that I've had a good Christmas, right?) I'm having an pyjama day, catching up on tv and watching films all day. It's my first Christmas whilst I've been blogging so I thought I'd do one of these posts. I know some people don't like these because they think the blogger whose writing them are just bragging about what they got. So I'm saying it now, I'm not bragging at all! I like reading these and watching them on Youtube. I love seeing what people have got and it gives me ideas on what to spend any Christmas money on too lol! I ran a poll on Twitter a few days ago because I was indecisive about doing this post and the majority vote was that I should sod the haters and do it, so here it is!

I'm still in shock at the amount of presents I received this year. I literally love all of them, so trying to choose my favourites to feature in this was pretty hard to do. But here they are!

I got a really lovely, oversized aztec print wrap over which is from Matalan from my parents, a blue snake print bag from one of my aunties (as well as some bath goodies too) and both of them together look so nice! I also got some Yankee Candle wax melts, AVON Cherish Perfume, a Baileys tin which contains a mini Baileys bottle and a chocolate, LUSH bath bombs and the It's Raining Men Shower Gel and I picked up the Bath and Body Works dupe candle from B&M which is an Marshmallow Fireside scent which I bought with some of my Christmas money on Boxing Day.

I love my K personalised jewellery dish I got, (if you saw my Christmas Wish List earlier this month, it was on there) I also got an LUSH Blooming Beautiful Gift Set from my auntie and uncle/godparents which contains Rose Jam Bubbleroom and an Honey Bee bath bomb which I'm looking forward to trying, Other presents which I got from my parents were the Soap and Glory Eyes Box which contains Supercat Eyeliner, Archery Brow Tint and Pencil,Sexy Kohl Eyeliner and Thick and Fast Collagen Mascara, LUSH Charity Pot Moisturiser and the Real Techniques Core Collection brush set.

I also got the Bedhead Styleshots Epic Volume Conditioner (which is definitely one of my fave conditioners!) and an Soap and Glory conditioner which I'm looking forward to trying, it smells so fresh and fruity! and I received Dirty Dancing on DVD from one of my auntie's because it's one of my favourite films and I was literally saying to her the other week that It's one of my faves and I didn't actually have the DVD, well now I have. She also gave me some money too (which I may or may not have already spent in the sales)

I also got the Soap and Glory Soaper Heroes gift set, Jingle Gel Rock from The Body Shop (I bought myself one of these last week. oops! but now I'm all stocked up) Some H&M goodies: Raspberry Leaf Face Mask and Winter Fig Body Mist, Primark candles and a super soft purple blanket which I know my cats will probably claim once it's on my bed. Plus I got an 500g bottle of Rose Jam yay!

So there's my favourite presents I received this Christmas. I shall be reviewing some products I got sometime soon too. I'm literally stocked up on Soap and Glory and LUSH products for the unforeseeable future lol! Also I've bought some things in the sales with my Christmas money so I'm going to be posting an What I got in the Christmas/Boxing Day Sales post once everything has arrived! 

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Can't believe it's all over for another year. *sad emoji face* (Btw if you've done an What I Got For Christmas post too then link me!)


  1. ALL of the lush goodies! Rose jam is my absolute fave followed closely by its raining men. This lot will definitely keep you going for a while!
    - Cydney x

    1. Rose Jam is definitely my fave too! and yeah I'm all stocked up now! lol x