Beauty Atelier Shop: Silk Eyelashes Review (+ Free Delivery Promo Code!)*

Today's post is all about my thoughts on these beautiful handmade, silk eyelashes from Beauty Atelier Shop. I kindly received these to try out and review, as well as some other products which you can read all about in my First Impressions post here

Beauty Atelier sell high quality make up tools which are supplied by 88 Infinite Cosmetics. Everything they sell is handmade and cruelty free. I also love how everything they sell is named with a hashtag and the packaging is so pretty and eye catching! In the above photo we have -

#Romantic (White Packaging)
#Sexy (Red Packaging)
#Precious (Blue Packaging)
#Glamorous (Black Packaging)

Each set of silk eyelashes are priced at £15 and should be able to worn up to 20 times, if gently washed and looked after.


These were the lashes I was most excited about trying in my first impressions post. But unfortunately, because my eyes are quite small (ugh, why couldn't I be blessed with lovely, big eyes?!), these lashes didn't look right on me when I applied them. But even though they didn't suit me, I did love how easy they were to apply and the high quality of them. If you like longer looking false lashes, then these would definitely be right for you!


I loved these lashes! They suited my eye shape and eye size really well and I like that I can wear them with an everyday makeup look. Again like the #Romantic lashes, they were very easy to apply and easy to remove. Also, I couldn't tell I was wearing them either because how light weight they are. 


I really liked these ones too, but I would personally probably wear them more for occasions than everyday wear. Just because they are a lot more fuller and voluminous. I think these would look lovely with a nice smoky eyed look! I love how there is lots of different length eyelashes to make them look more fluttery too.  


If you're looking for some full, dramatic lashes then you've found them! I do like these a lot and again, I think they'd be great for an occasion like a party or a night out. If you prefer to wear fuller lashes with an everyday look then these would definitely fit the bill!


 My favourite pair of Silk Eyelashes from Beauty Atelier are the #Sexy Lashes which I am wearing in the photos below. 

Overall I do really like the Silk Eyelashes from Beauty Atelier. I love the fact that they are handmade and cruelty free. Also because the high quality of the lashes, they will definitely last up to 20 times (if handled and washed carefully).


If you are thinking about trying the Beauty Atelier range yourself, then here is a promo code to get free delivery on your order! Yay!

KIR 10

I hope you liked this post! 
Which of the eyelashes I've shown in this post do you like the look of most? 


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  1. I like the glamour ones the most but I love them all, I love false eyelashes especially ones that are longer and volumised! You can definitely see the difference when you have them on!


    1. I do like those ones too. I like my natural/definition false lashes more though :) x

  2. I've never tried fake lashes before but the "Romantic" ones look so nice, I love longer, fluttery lashes!

  3. I'm all over these they look so good!! I love the sexy lashes girl. You should maybe try to cut the lashes slightly and you will find it may be a suitable fit for your eyes. Pixie xxx

    1. I like the #sexy lashes too! And I did trim them a little. When I said I didn't think the lashes suited my eyes, I'm mean by the length of the lashes and not the lash band if that makes sense? :) I do struggle finding lashes that suit me haha x

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