Colab Paradise Dry Shampoo Review

So today's post is a little review on the new Colab Paradise Dry Shampoo, which I'm sure you've probably seen all over your Instagram and Twitter feeds by now. 

So the main reason why I bought this is because of the packaging (obviously, how could I resist the flamingo print?!). It's so cute and eye catching. I just love it!

I do like Colab dry shampoo but I do prefer Batiste, just because Colab seems to leave a white residue in my hair. Whereas most Batiste dry shampoos I buy, don't. But because this one states "amazing oil absorption without white residue" I thought I'd try it out and see if it does what it says. 

It literally does smell like Paradise - It smells very summer-like because of the tropical coconut scent. I also really like the fact that it doesn't leave a white residue like their previous released dry shampoos and it doesn't make your hair feel like it has product build up on it either. 

Overall I love everything about this dry shampoo and I'm definitely going to be buying it again! 

Have you tried this dry shampoo yet?
If so, what did you think? 

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  1. I am in love with my Dove dry shampoo but I always like to switch things up, might just have to pick this one up!

    1. I didn't even know that dove sold dry shampoo lol! x