Fathers Day Gift Guide *

So let's face it, men in general, are hard to buy gifts for. For women, it's a lot easier, a bath set or some new pyjamas and we're happy, right? So today is a blog post with a few ideas on what to buy for your dad (which they'll hopefully love). Also here's your reminder that father's day this year is on the 18th June in the UK. 

First up on the gift idea list is aftershave. I think aftershave is a great gift and you can pick it up for different prices from most drugstores or online and there's a scent for everyone. You can pick up some lovely mens perfumes from L'Occitane. You can buy them either on their own or in a gift set. L'Occintane's fragrances for men are made up of blends of wood, spices and herbs making them the perfect masculine aftershaves and would make the perfect gift for your dad.

I've chosen the three to feature on this post which I think sound lovely -

Eav Des Bavx £46 - A warm, charming scent with the top notes of pink pepper and cardamom. The middle notes of Cyprus and incense and the base notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

L'Homme Cologne Cedrat £48 - A refreshing citrusy, aquatic scent with icy notes of mint and woody spices. Including violet leaf, lavender, black pepper, pink peppercorn and ginger. Also, woody notes of cedar, amber and musk to soften the strong scent.

Eau De L'Occitan £46 - An aftershave perfect for men (and also women, win!) its top notes contain black pepper and lavender with the middle notes contain nutmeg (giving off a burnt wood scent, which I personally love) and spicy cinnamon. Also containing the base notes of tonka beans to again soften the scent a little.

Next on my list is experience days. I think these type of gifts are great if you have siblings and you can all add money in to make up for a experience day. At High Flying Helicopter, you guessed it... you can either purchase a Pilot Starter Lesson, Discovery Helicopter Lesson or a London Helicopter Tour. Here's a little more about some of the experiences available - 

Pilot Starter Lesson - You can take to the skies with a pilot and discover what it's really like to fly. The pilot starter lesson is all about learning the controls, features and operation of the impressive machines.  The total experience time (safety briefing, introductory lesson and flight) is 30 minutes long and the price is £120 for everything which I think is great for any adrenaline junkie dad!

London Tour - From £150 per person you can get the bird's eye view of all of the major London Landmarks. The first class pilots will show you the iconic London Landmarks for the once in a lifetime experience. The duration of the flight is 35 minutes.

They also offer other options too and you can read about them and the experiences above here

Another gift idea is a bath/shower set. You get these up from most places when it gets closer to Fathers Day but if you wanted to get something a little different then you can pick up some lovely shower/bath products from The Soap Kitchen at a great price. They sell lots of different scents suitable for men; from Orange and Cedarwood to Peppermint and Tea tree, Sandalwood plus more, so you'll be guaranteed to find something for your dad. Including body washes, shampoos and also shaving soaps (you could even pop a few things in your basket for yourself too!).

For the Dad who is either super organised already or needs to learn to be more organised lol, why not pick up one of these Eco-Friendly pouches from Eliza Eliza? Perfect for travelling or just keeping things more organised in general, these handmade pouches can be used for plenty of things and are made from organic hemp and cotton and are perfect for any on the go dad. Also, you would be supporting a small business too. Eliza Eliza also sells Eco-friendly coin purses. The prices start from £21 and I've kindly been given a 10% discount code to share with my followers too. the code is: ASTOLDBYKIRSTY

So if you want to make it look like you've made a lot more effort than you actually have instead of popping into B&M a day or two before then you can pick up the perfect fathers day card at an affordable price online. You can pick up these professionally printed funny cards from Avolaugh Designs here and you'll also be supporting a small new business too! They are only £3.20 + postage which I think is a bargain. You can also pick up phone cases too (which would maybe be a good gift too).
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  1. I find men are so hard to buy for! I struggle every fathers day, christmas, birthdays etc, gifts guides like this are always so helpful :) Love the cards you mentioned x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. Aren't they just! lol, glad you liked the blog post :) x

  2. This is a great list! I honestly never ever have any idea what to buy my Dad. I could never make this kind of post because I just draw a blank haha so thank you so much. x

    Lauren. http://girlversusmakeup.com/

  3. I've got to buy something for my husband from my girls and was stuck for ideas. This has really helped me! I think i might go for one of the loccitane picks xx

    Amina xx | www.AliandHer.com