What's In My Bag? | Beauty Edition

I did a blog post earlier this year "What's In My Bag?" and it became one of my most viewed blog posts at the time very quickly. So because of that, I've decided to do an updated kind of "What's In My Bag?" blog post but focusing more on the beauty side of things I carry around with me day-to-day. Hope you enjoy reading it.

I love my cute, Baby Tangle Angel*, yes it may look like something you used on the hair of a doll when you were younger but it does the job and doesn't take over my bag, so it's really handy.

Oil Control Sheets
I think I got these in a subscription box and I've kind of forgot I even had them, so after finding them again, I've been using them and they do a world of difference to keep my oily skin less well, oily. These are a must have in my bag now.

I always have a lipbalm in my bag, right now I'm using a bubble gum lipbalm from Candescent and it's literally like a LUSH lipbalm for a fraction of the price. If you search "Candescent Shop" on Depop they have lots of different flavours available.

Hand Sanitizer
I always carry a hand sanitizer in my bag because obviously, I want to clean my hands of germs, also because my immune system is so bad, I do tend to pick up things easier so I just feel more prepared with a hand sanitizer in my bag, idk why. I've currently got the newly released Clip and Clean "All About Me" Hand Sanitizer* from Mad Beauty and it smells so lovely. They kind of remind me of the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers but obviously, the Mad Beauty ones are easier to get hold of.

Hand Lotion
I like keeping my hands nice and smooth and after using hand sanitizer I like to pop on hand lotion, just to keep my hands feeling soft. I'm currently using either my Soap and Glory Hand Food which has been a firm favourite for a couple of years now I think and I'm also loving the Mad Beauty Coconut Hand Cream* which I received in the Ultimate Hand Set I was kindly sent. I always find myself using more Coconut scented lotions and potions during the Summer and I love the hand cream from the set.

I always have at least 2 lipsticks in my bag (usually thrown in at the last minute). Right now my lipbalm of choice is the Candescent Bubblegum Lip Balm and for lipstick, it's currently between Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in the shade "Naughty Nude" and The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in Crete Carnation. I also carry around powder sometimes too.

I always carry around a small perfume with me, right now I'm loving AVON Dreams and also Flowers from Next. Dreams is a more sweet but musky kind of scent and Flowers is well, floral obviously lol. I really like them both and I need to pick them both up again soon because they are both nearly empty!

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  1. I am obsessed with my The Body Shop matte liquid lippy! It's honestly my favourite lipstick I own. I love your flat lays btw, they're so cute! x

  2. I love your photography! The Rimmel lipsticks are always a great one to pop in your handbag, I love the brand for lipsticks.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  3. I always carry a few lipsticks with me so that I can re apply throughout the day!

    Emily xo