My Summer Holiday Survival Kit

I know we're all kind of clinging onto what's left of Summer but today's post is about 'My Summer Holiday Survival Kit' and I've teamed up with to show and tell you all what I would say are kind of my holiday/summer essentials. Also just a disclaimer - I was kindly given a gift voucher to choose what I wanted from Chemist's website to feature in this post* but I also have included some products which I already own to include in this post too. is an online pharmacy which is family-run and they have over 75 years experience in the pharmacy business. Because online shopping has grown so much in the past years, Chemist decided to set up their website so that their customers can have discretion and also convenience to shop from the site. You can pick up so many products on their site, I've got to say I was genuinely shocked at the amount of products stocked and available and also their prices and offers are a lot friendlier to my bank balance which is always a huge plus.

Ultimate Essentials -

So first up which is probably the most obvious on the list is some sort of sun protector, so I picked up - Calypso Dry Oil Wet Skin Clear Protection SPF 30* and also Calypso SPF15 Facial Suncream*, which I thought would be a great handy one to have in your bag, even though I would prefer higher SPF lotions.

Another must have is Deodorant so I picked up some Quickies Deodorant Wipes* and also Mitchum 48 HR Protection Unscented Roll-On Deodorant* both a handy size for travelling and both are from Chemist to keep you feeling lovely and fresh in the sun.

Some more essentials include folding travel toothbrushes, toothpaste and Batiste 50ml Dry Shampoo in the Tropical scent which is my favourite. 

Skincare -

Like most people, Skincare is always an important factor in my everyday life. My skin is troublesome so I always try to keep it clean and well looked after. Obviously for a holiday I can't take all of my lotions and potions so here is my minimal skincare picks.

Quickies Eye Makeup Remover Pads*  - I don't mind using wipes or pads on my eyes to remove makeup but I do try and steer clear from wipes for the rest of my face because I find I break out when I use wipes.

Garnier Micellar Water - This is my all time favourite makeup remover product and it's super affordable so obviously it's got to be in my Summer Holiday Survival Kit. I tend to buy the bigger bottle and then refill my travel bottle just because it's easier to pop in my bag when needed.

Simple Moisturiser (forgot to put in photo, oops!) - I'll admit this isn't a favourite anymore but it still does a good job, plus in the Summer it's good because it's a mattifying moisturiser and works well for my skin and is also a great base for makeup. 

Other Bits & Bobs -

Travel Bottles*  - They are always so handy to have and obviously with most skin care products being on the bigger side, you don't need to take the whole bottle or pot so it's easier to depot products when going on holiday.

Purple Tree Coconut Miracle Balm* - I've never used this one before but I thought it seemed like a slightly cheaper alternative to the Dr.PawPaw balms which I absolutely love and this is basically the same formula but in Coconut flavour - you can use these balms for your lips, crazy eyebrow days to tame them down, flyaway hair and your skin and nails too!

Mosi Bands* - There's nothing more annoying than being chased by insects so I thought that these seemed quite handy, instead of the sprays you can pick up. Insects seem to like my skin/blood I don't know why, so I'm always the victim of stings and bites, unfortunately.

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast SPF 15 Lip Balm* - I literally don't ever leave this house without at least one lip balm in my bag so there was no way that a lip balm wouldn't make this list. I picked up this lip balm from Chemist and I thought it sounded like a nice, summery lip balm, the best thing is that it actually smells/tastes like a Twister ice lolly.

BIC Miss Soleil Disposable Razors* - I find these to be the best disposable razors for me right now and obviously you got to keep an eye on any unwanted hair when on holiday too.

Minimal Makeup  -

During the Summer, in general, I tend to try and wear as little makeup as possible, I would love to feel confident enough to leave the house with absolutely no makeup, but I just don't and can't because of my skin being so troublesome. But for the bare minimum makeup whether for Summer or Holiday I like to use - 

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream* - I like BB Creams or tinted moisturisers to just even out my skin tone and lightly cover any blemishes. 

LA Girl Concealer* - I like to pop on your concealer just to give any blemishes some extra coverage and to calm down any redness and obviously to cancel out my under eye dark circles. 

Max Factor 6000 Calorie Mascara* - A pop on mascara on my lashes and that all I really do for minimal makeup days. 

Collection Face Powder - I tend to only put powder on areas where I get oiliest the quickest which is my T-Zone. 

Milani Luminoso Blush - I also pop on some Luminoso which is a lovely peachy-pink shade with a lovely highlighter so it's kind of a 2-in-1 product.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer - I only use the tiniest amount of bronzer just to warm up my face a little and make me look a little more alive.

So there's my rather long list of Summer Holiday Survival Kit. 

What products would be on your list?

Also just want to say please bare with me on my blog photos, with the lighting going kind of rubbish now, I've picked myself up some soft box lights and I'm still trying to find what works best for my photos and where is the best place to take the photos etc. If anyone has got any tips the please let me know!
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*I received a gift voucher for this post, all opinions are my own

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  1. Love the body shop honey bronzer, deffo a must have! Great post xxx