Loving The Slogan Trend? | 12 Slogan T-Shirts & Jumpers You Need In Your Life Right Now

I don't know how it's happened but it's as if a switch has been turned on and I'm all of a sudden obsessed with slogans t-shirts and jumpers. I have picked up a few things already which I'm basically living in rn because I love them so much. So I've decided to put together a kind of wishlist and show you some fab affordable slogan t-shirts and jumpers about right now.

1. Next Rust Slogan Sweater £20 / 2. New Look La Belle Fleur T-Shirt £12.99 (ON SALE Currently £5) / 3. River Island Amour Print Fitted T-Shirt £20

4. New Look Pale Grey "Dream" Jumper £7.99 / 5. Topshop "Bad Habits Sleep" T-shirt £19 / 6. Topshop Amour T-shirt £16

7. New Look Luxe Print T-shirt £9.99 / 8. Next "Bonjour Baby" Slogan T-shirt £12 / 9. New Look "No Regrets" T-shirt £12.99 (ON SALE Currently £5)

10. New Look Belle Ame Mon Cheri T-shirt £7.99  / 11. H&M New York Sweatshirt £17.99 / 12. New Look Heartbreaker Striped T-shirt £9.99


Are you into the slogan trend right now? If so, which of the t-shirts/jumpers above do you like? (I may have bought a few things I've featured in this after writing this blog post. Oops- sorry bank account lol) 

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  1. i love the slogan trend, but my 'fashion sense' is just about comfort!

    rosielouiselove | beauty blog

  2. These are so cute! I'd imagine they would look good with some baggy mom jeans and some converses x

  3. These all look so cute! I love the 'heartbreaker' one


  4. My favourite is definitely the 'New York' one. I actually have one really similar that I bought from New York about 6 years ago now and I love it!

    To me a simple slogan sweater with leggings or jeans is a perfect cosy day outfit!

    Michaela x