Struggle To Sleep? Then You Need To Know About Feather & Down

Feather & Down are a pretty new brand which launched in May 2017 and they sell a range of affordable products which help you get to sleep and/or relax at night. You can pick up their products in Boots and also on the Feather & Down website here. You may already know if you've been reading my blog for a while or have seen me on Instagram or Twitter in the dead of the night that I struggle to sleep at night. I'm a night owl and I also have anxiety which basically comes to life more at night, especially if I'm stressing over something or have had a bad day. So I couldn't wait to put these products to the test and see if they work for me. 

First of all, I want to say I'm in love with the packaging, it's just my cup of tea and it's just really nice. I think the packaging makes everything look a lot more expensive than it actually is with the cheapest product being just £6. If you put this packaging up against another certain sleep brand, this packaging is so much nicer in my opinion. The products are also Paraben, Sulphate and Mineral Oil Free.

The cheapest of the whole range is the Melting Shower Cream* which I've been using almost every time I've had a shower or bath because it's just lovely and great to just chill you out. It comes out in a cream formula but then once you apply it to your skin it melts into a luxurious oil which is also nice and moisturising too, so you've kind of got a 2-in-1 product, win! I would describe the scent as a powdery kind of Lavender scent with a hint of Camomile. If you don't like the in-your-face kind of Lavender scent but you are looking for some products to help you sleep or relax then I would highly recommend Feather & Down, the Melting Shower Gel is £6 for 250ml which I think is a great price as I do think it helps to chill me out and get ready for bed. I also received the Pillow Spray* which again is affordable at £7 and has the same kind of powdery Lavender scent which I do really like, I've recently started using the AVON Pillow Spray again but it is quite strong and I've been using the Feather & Down Pillow Spray more than the AVON pillow spray over the past few weeks. I tend to spritz it around my room before getting into bed too so it's basically like a sleep haven lol. Lastly, I received the All Purpose Sleep Balm* which I do like but I don't think the scent is as strong as it is with the Pillow Spray and Melting Shower Cream. But I've been using the Sleep Balm in the day when I'm at home and applying to my wrists so it kind of gives off a calming scent whilst I'm getting on with my day.

Feather & Down also have a Youtube channel and you can watch Dr Nerina's helpful sleep tips here too.

Overall I'm really loving using these products and I'm definitely going to pick up some more products from Feather & Down soon. If you struggle with sleeping or anxiety/stress then I really would suggest trying out some of these products because I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed and I think they are really great for the price!
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

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  1. I have heard so much about this range lately, and it sounds really great! I struggle to get of to sleep too, so I will have to invest in this!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush