Some Of My Favourite Things About Autumn

I love Autumn. I think because the weather isn't freezing yet but you can still have some sunny days. I also like adding a few different things around the house like new fairy lights and cosy, warm scented candles and etc. You get the picture - so I thought today I would share with you some of my favourite things about Autumn.

All the LUSH things!
I tend to go a little crazy as soon as Autumn comes along because in the Summer I tend to opt for showers rather than a bubble bath so I usually have a stash of LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars to use up and I tend to do a LUSH haul full of the seasonal releases. (You can have a nosey what I picked up recently from LUSH here).

Watching Christmas Films

Around the end of October/beginning of November, I start watching my favourite Christmas films to get me into the Christmassy spirit. Including The Santa Clause, Holiday in Handcuffs, The Grinch and The Polar Express just to name a few. I tend to pop them on after I've had a nice relaxing bath and just chill out with and get all snuggled up in a cosy blanket.

Online Shopping

I LOVE shopping for Autumn/Winter clothing and also makeup. There's nothing better than getting all snug in the evening and settling down and doing some online shopping. I'm currently loving New Look because they have some lovely bits in for the colder seasons. Most of my A/W wardrobe is from New Look this year!

Opting For Darker Lipsticks

I love nude lipsticks usually but I love wearing more warmer and darker lipsticks in Autumn/Winter. I'm currently loving Joan Collins Divine Lipstick in the shade Melanie*, Colourpop Matte Lip in the shade Trap and also NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in the shade Budapest*.

Going Crazy For Candles

I also tend to go a little crazy for candles in Autumn too, I've been loving using my Electric Wax Melt Burner in the Summer but candles just make everything look and feel cosier and nicer, I love popping on my fairy lights in my room and lighting a few candles. I've just started burning the Monsoon Bergamot and Fig Candle RRP £17* and it smells amazing! It's a really fresh but comforting scent and not spicy (I'm not keen on spicy scents really). I love the decorative jar it comes in too and I think it would just make a lovely gift for Christmas.

So there's some of the things I love about Autumn,
 what do you love about this time of the year? 

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  1. I can’t wait to get into all of the Christmas festivities! I have started watching Christmas films already haha, is that bad?!
    Amber |

  2. These products look amazing!!
    xx Nicki

  3. Aww fab post Kirsty, I love autumn and winter for snuggling up for cosy nights in. Browsing online shops is so fun, I’m currently loving New Looks offerings too. I want to get more into Lush, they seem to have some really nice products. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Autumn is the best time of the year! I love being able to wear hoodies all the time and fluffy pjs. I also love Christmas films, polar express and the nightmare before Christmas are two of my favourites! I also love that Starbucks and Costa release festive drinks, I had a fudge hot chocolate from Starbucks at the weekend and it was amazing!


  5. Candles are my fav part! I love when they are lit all day and it smells super nice in the house for so long! I also love strolls and seeing all the colorful trees! xx corinne

  6. All your photos look superb! I love it when it comes to Autumn, its my favourte season, and I loved all the products Lush have brought out for Autumn and the fact that the channel 5 christmas movies have started too!

  7. I love watching Christmas movies during this time of the year too! Can't wait for Freeform's 25 days of Christmas!!

  8. Candles are a great part of Autumn. Naturally, I can always get behind online shopping for hoodies and sweaters :D

  9. Absolutely yes to everything! I've already started watching christmas films!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  10. I’ve never really been a candle person but am loving all the pics and posts about them it’s changing my mind �� I love Christmas movies I sky + loads throughout the week on Ch5 & Movies 24 or Christmas 24 as they known this time of year & that’s my weekends sorted ��

  11. Autumn is my absolute favourite, I long for it all year! I definitely go a bit mad in Lush too at this time of year, it's definitely the time for a load of hot bubble baths so it makes sense to stock up on bath bombs haha. Also, lots of candles are a must, love the one in the picture, it's so pretty! x

    Tiffany x

  12. Awesome post! I love cozying up in autumn with a good book under a blanket with a nice scented candle. Around November my Christmas craze starts when all I want to do is bake and decorate ;)

    Roksana |