4 Ways To Make Money From Home *

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Ah, January. Everyone is talking about having a fresh start and thinking positively but a few days into the new year we soon realise that we're all skint and miserable and waiting on our next payday. So today I thought I'd share with you some ways to make easy money from the comfort of your own home (don't worry, it's all legit nothing dodgy here lol). These are great for anytime your bank account is looking a little empty just to top up the pennies.

Selling Jewellery
If you have any unwanted Gold, Silver or Platinum jewellery pieces lying around which just don't get any use then you can easily sell jewellery for cash. Obviously, I'm not saying go and raid your family heirlooms but any jewellery that you may have received as a gift but know you're not going to get much wear from then it's an option to consider if you're strapped for cash. Post My Gold send out free fully insured, pre-paid envelopes and will give you a cash offer within 24 hours. If you're not happy with their offer then they will return your jewellery for free.

Declutter - Sell On Depop and Ebay
Something which I really got into last year was decluttering often. Especially going through my wardrobe every month or so and getting rid of clothes which are just sitting looking pretty on the clothing rail. I tend to use Depop more just because I find it easier to use but you do have to consider the fees (10% of sale price) which you get charged for using the services and also PayPal fees (and the cheeky messages you will receive from people who want you to basically give away your item). 

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Doing surveys online is kind of tedious I'm not going to lie and sometimes you're not always eligible for the surveys on offer which is annoying but if you're planning on a lazy afternoon watching TV then you could complete some surveys at the same time. I think the most I made in a month from doing surveys was about £30 in vouchers but hey, it's better than nothing. I would say the best site is Valued Opinions.

Get Creative
If you're a creative person then you could consider selling some of your work on Etsy. Obviously, you do have to consider costs and also postage too but I guess it depends on how much you can make from what you're selling. The only way I'm creative is via my blog which I do often make some money from which is another option too if you're a fellow blogger. If you're looking for opportunities then I'd recommend searching the #bloggerswanted hashtag on Twitter and also following the UK Blogger Opportunites page on Facebook too.
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  1. Great suggestions, and totally different to what I was expecting to read! I thought you were going to talk about affiliations but these ones are things that are achievable for most people and I love that. I actually really like decluttering so knowing what to do with the things I declutter is always helpful. Thanks for sharing these tips! xx

    -Sophie | Cherries & Perfume 

  2. I sign up for a few survey websites such as YouGov and have had 2 £50 payouts from that, so I think that's a great point! I also use One Poll but that takes a while to get to the £40 pay out (which they've now changed to £25 - whoop whoop!)


  3. I agree with some of the comments received on Depop, I've had a few myself! I might have to try out some surveys too !
    Janay Andre x