My Goals For 2018

I know these can be quite cliche and kind of overdone but I like to set myself some goals for the new year and try to stick with them. I did one of these posts in 2017 too and I think putting your goals online makes it seem more set in stone in a way and it definitely helped me to complete most of them. So I thought I'd share with you my main goals for this year.

Lose Weight
I know, I know sounds pretty cliche again. But I actually want to lose some weight for health reasons which I'm not going to get into in this blog post but I may do a post in the future, who knows. I'm not wanting or expecting to lose 5 stone or get down to a size 8 but even if I lost maybe around 2 stone and dropped a dress size or two I would be happy and if it helped my health problems then that would be a huge bonus.

Grow My Blog More

Considering this time last year I'd only just made a Twitter account for my blog and had about 100 followers, I also hadn't worked with any brands and I was scared about tweeting fellow bloggers who had more followers than me, it still shocks me to see how much my blog has grown in a year. It's probably the only thing in 2017 that actually went "right" for me. 2017 was just a bit of a blah year in all honesty (particularly towards the end) and my blog has been such a great thing to focus on when life was basically making me feel as if I was on a rollercoaster the majority of the time.

Decide On My Future - Stay Secure or Risking It?
This one is a big one and I don't really want to get into it too much and I don't want to jinx anything. But I really want to settle into a secure job with enough hours but at the same time, if my blog grows more throughout this year I think I could potentially turn it into my job (probably part-time). I like to know where I stand in life, especially with money because hey, money makes the world go around and we all need it. So do I get a secure job that I know I'll be getting a wage at the end of the week of X amount or do I take the risk and try and turn my blog into my proper job and see how it goes and do something I love doing? It's such a hard decision to make. Also, I've seen so many people last year taking the risk and it paid off and it really motivates me to try it but I'll be honest, it kind of terrifies me.

Be More Organised
I am usually quite an organised person but towards the end of last year everything just kind of got on top of me because of one thing or another and it was stressing me out. So I really want to get back to being and staying organised in 2018.

Get Back Into Reading 
I think last year I read a whopping 2 books... yes really. I used to love reading and I just lost my motivation for it I guess. I think it's maybe because I spend a lot of time writing blog posts my brain is just like nope, it's either one or the other. I literally have at least 10 books to read right now, gathering dust on my bookcase. So I'm definitely going to try and get back into reading (side note to self: don't buy any more books until I've read the ones I already have lol).

So there are some goals I've set myself for 2018. 
Have you got any goals for 2018?

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  1. Some fantastic goals here! The thought of having my blog as a part time job is so exciting - I'd love to be able to do that!xx

    Lucy |

  2. Wishing you all the very best with your goals for 2018 x

  3. Great goals. Mine are pretty similar. I have just joined the GoodReads 2018 challenge as also want to read more xx

    Stacey |

  4. I haven't decided on goals yet but I think mine would be pretty similar to yours! I need to calm down on junk food and get back to the gym. I also want to grow my blog! And I am kind of considering taking a huge risk and going freelance full-time! xx corinne

  5. Hi, my goals for this year were blogging related, I would also like to spend more time reading.

  6. Deciding on the future is so hard. I am also in place where i need to think about maybe taking risks but it really is such a hard thing to do

  7. These are awesome goals! I really hope you get to achieve them all this year! :D I also definitely want to get more organised this year :)
    I have a few goals this year too, such as help more around the house/help family out more, save X amount of money, do something creative and have a holiday haha. All rather broad and vague, but last year I had so many specific things and I didn't end up completing half of them so I'm making it easier on myself this year ;) haha!


  8. This is a great post!! I totally relate to your goals!

    Maddie |