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I love trying out new beauty brands and finding something new, LOLA makeup are pretty new to the beauty scene and create professional and cruelty-free products. Their packaging is nice and sleek looking and nothing over the top which I personally do really like. I've been trying out a few bits from them over the past few weeks and I thought I would share with you my overall thoughts on the products I've tried so far.

Ultra High Shine Gloss - 006 - £5.95*

I've got to admit when I opened the box to the Ultra High Shine Gloss, I didn't think that I was going to like it because I'm not overly keen on bright pink shades as I feel as if they're too much for my paper-pale skin. But because it's a lip gloss it's a little more sheer and doesn't give out the full pop of colour it shows so it is actually a nice everyday kind of shade, it is slightly sticky as expected because it's a gloss but it's not super sticky like some glosses, it also smells like sweets which I like. I think it's a shame that they don't have names because I think makeup products are more inviting to buy when they have cute names. But overall I would definitely pick up a few other shades from the range as they are affordable and also comfortable to wear.

Satin Eyeshadow - 010 - £7.50*

Again, I wish these products had names because I'm a sucker for a cute name. But the LOLA Satin Eyeshadow in 010 is a pretty, shimmery pink which gives a nice wash of colour for the lids. It's a nice eyeshadow for everyday wear and I've been wearing it with a medium brown Benecos eyeshadow (which I've forgotten the name of, oops). I probably wouldn't pick up another single eyeshadow from LOLA because I don't really buy single eyeshadows anymore as I know I can pick up a palette of 12-16 shades from Makeup Revolution for less than £10 nowadays which obviously works out cheaper.

French Manicure Nail Polish - 003 Innocent Pink - £6.95*
I personally like quite thick nail polishes and this is quite watery even after shaking it up to try and thicken it up unfortunately. The colour is really pretty though and a great shade for Spring but I'm not sure if I would pick up another as I have nail polishes from other brands which are cheaper and work better for my personal preference. But I think it depends on what kind of nail polish you like.

Tinted Lip Balm - 001 Cream - £5.95*
In most people's eyes a lip balm is a lip balm but I find that some just don't work for me. I have to stay away from Vaseline based lip balms (like Glossier's Balm Dot Com) as I find that they give me micro blackheads around my lips, ew. So this was a pleasant find because it works perfectly for me and it really helps to keep my lip well nourished and soft. It's a great balm to use underneath lipsticks too. It's actually my current fave lip balm and it's always in my bag.

Have you ever tried anything from LOLA makeup? 

If so, what did you think?

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before but I've recently made the switch to cruelty free makeup so I'm always interested in reading about new brands!

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs