Decluttering Tips In Time For Summer *

I always find that this time of the year I get more motivation to have a proper declutter around the house and get rid of things that either aren't being used or I'm just not a fan of anymore. I like to start early so that the things I don't want anymore are not cluttering up the house in the Summer months. Anything from clothes, homeware, makeup, tools and so on. I also find decluttering is kind of therapeutic in a weird way and it's also a way to make some extra pennies too. So I thought I'd do a blog post with some tips on how I declutter and get rid of things I don't want or need in my life anymore.

Be Brutal
This had to be my number one tip. Be brutal. Because I always find I keep things "just incase" when realistically if I haven't used/worn an item for months then do I really need to keep it? No. Obviously there are some things which I allow myself to keep for sentimental reasons but I have an area under my bed to put any sentimental items. Sometimes I'll keep a few makeup bits for my blog work that I don't really use/get along with so that I can feature them in posts like "Products I didn't get along with..." etc. But for anything else such as clothes and homeware then I kind of have a rule that if I haven't reached for it for months then I don't really need it cluttering up my life so it's time to say goodbye.

Sell Things On 
Another reason I like to have a declutter is because I know I'll have clothes or homeware items in the house which I know I can sell on and make some extra pennies. I like to use either Depop or eBay when I'm selling things on. If you're selling something which is larger in size then you can easily find a suitable courier service by using Shiply. Shiply helps you to find a delivery driver for a variety of different things including: furniture, cars/motorbikes, large items, fragile goods and more. They also have other services available too including a Man With a Van, Pet Transport and more. You just choose the service you're looking for, receive the free quotes and then choose one which suits you the best.

Focus On One Room/Area At a Time
I tend to try and tackle a room a day when decluttering. So I know that if I declutter my room then I'll be focusing on clothes and makeup and if I declutter the bathroom then it'll mostly be beauty products and then in the living room/kitchen it'll more homeware kind of items. If you try and declutter many rooms in one day then it'll get super overwhelming and it will also get messy too.

Separate Into Four Sections 
I find that separating everything into four sections works best and it's something I've done for years when I'm having a proper declutter. I'll have a bin bag for things to throw out, a box for things to keep, a box for things to sell on eBay, Depop or Gumtree and then a box to give away to family and friends. 
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  1. Being brutal is always the way to go! I find I have to be in the right kind of mood if I'm going to have a declutter. xx

    Lucy |

  2. These are great tips, I always slack when it comes to being brutal with myself, I always think 'I might need that one day' and then it goes to the back of my draw for another year.
    Charlie |