All About Glam & Style Diamond Hair Straighteners

Today’s post is kind of a mini review which I don’t actually do that often but I just wanted to basically shout from the rooftops about the Glam & Style Diamond Hair Straighteners* because I have been using them over the past month or so and I’m so impressed with them. Not only do they look nicer than my more expensive straighteners, they also work just as well but they are a lot cheaper at £19.99 on Amazon. 
So first of all let’s talk about the fact that the straighteners are partly rose gold - basically every bloggers dream, right? They also have a digital LED temperature display and have a variable temperature setting between 150-230 Celsius. 

I’ve also found that they work well for creating wavy looking curls too. I prefer more of a wavy look rather than tight curls because I find looser curls suit my face shape better. If you’re into the whole ‘beachy waves’ like myself then you will love these. I tend to use them more than using my actual curlers or waver wand.

They also have a safety shut off setting so that if you forget to switch them off then they will turn themselves off after 60 minutes which is great for someone as forgetful as me. They also have a swivel cord which is also pretty long and I really like that because I tend to style my hair whilst standing up in the mirror which is quite far away form my plug sockets in my room (so annoying). The handle also locks which is handy for travelling (and something which my more expensive straighteners don’t do). 

There’s also a 2-year guarantee (subject to registration). So if you’re in the market for some new hair straighteners and don’t have the budget to splash out on a pair of GHD’s then I’d definitely recommend these. I also think these would make a lovely affordable gift to someone too. Glam & Style also sell many other hair tools too! You can find them by searching for them on Amazon. 
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous, I always look for a swivel cord on my heat irons/curlers purely because it makes everything so much easier, the price is incredible, great for people on a budget.
    Charlie | |

  2. These sound great. I also love that they are rose gold! x

    Jordan Alice