4 TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To Watching This Autumn

Because I’ve spent the majority of this year at home because of my ongoing health problems, it’s safe to say I’ve managed to get through a lot of TV shows on my watchlist on Netflix and NOW TV (that’s when I don’t have brain fog and can’t concentrate anyway). As we’re now technically creeping into Autumn, it means some new TV shows are about to be released. So I thought I’d share with you 4 TV shows that I’m definitely going to be watching this Autumn and why. 

Ever since seeing someone retweet the trailer of this on twitter months ago, I’ve been looking forward to watching it. It’s a 10 part series about a guy named Joe played by Penn Badgley (aka Dan from Gossip Girl lol) who is a full-time bookshop owner and part-time internet stalker who sets his eyes on a woman named Beck. Thanks to using social media he starts stalking her from where she is, what she likes etc and he soon goes from stalker to her loving (but psycho) boyfriend and he will literally get rid of anyone or anything standing in his way, including her BFF Peach played by Shay Mitchell. I do love a creepy thriller/drama and this definitely looks like it’s going to be just that. If you’re in America then it’s premiering on September 8th and hopefully will be on Netflix in the UK soon after. (It’s also already been renewed for season 2 too!)

American Horror Story: Apocalypse 
After missing out on watching American Horror Story last year because it was mostly about clowns and I loathe clowns with a passion, I’m looking forward to watching the new season as it’s a crossover of two of my favourite seasons: Murder House and Coven. I feel like the last season I watched which was Roanoke was a huge let down and was confusing as hell. I also wasn’t that keen on Hotel or Freak Show in the previous years either. So I’m really looking forward for them to go back to the beginning and extend the stories of the previous seasons. It’s premiering on September 12th in the US and September 27th in the UK on FOX. 

I thought this was actually a film when I saw it on my timeline but no, it’s an upcoming series. It’s basically about an typical American family which separate to board two different flights at the last minute. Michaela, her brother Ben and his young son Cal get on the flight and whilst in the air, they have severe turbulence but then when they land, they’re surrounded by armed police and when they cautiously get off the plane, they’re told that the flight went missing 5 years ago, yet no time has passed for the passengers and crew and board and they haven’t aged a single day. I know, what the actual F. Obviously when they meet up with their family, things have changed and it’s all very confusing. You’re probably best watching the trailer as I feel like as if I’m making it sound rubbish but it does look really good. It starts on 24th September on NBC but it doesn’t look like it’s being broadcast in the UK anytime soon (bloody typical!). But I’m definitely going to be finding somewhere to watch it online. 

I’ll be honest after watching the trailer, I still don’t really know what to make of Maniac so far but it’s classed as a dark comedy which I’m an fan of and it also stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone so even though I don’t really understand it apart from it being about "the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial" and kind of about time travelling in some way (I think), I still do have high hopes. It’s coming to Netflix on September 21st. 

What TV shows are looking forward to watching over the next few months?

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  1. I am SO excited for American Horror Story's new series! :D I need to catch up though before it comes out. But this next one sounds right up my street! :D


  2. I'm so excited for You. The book is absolutely amazing and I'm also pleased to see Penn Badgley back on my TV!

    Sammy etc xx

    1. I've not read the book so I don't really know what to expect! and same :) x

  3. I really need to start watching American Horror Story again. I got half way through Asylum and then I just lost touch with it.

    1. The first three seasons are my faves. Asylum is definitely the most bloody and gruesome season in my eyes. Highly recommend watching Coven though! x