Getting Used To My New Normal: Chronic Pain & Things I've Found That Help Ease The Pain *

*this post is in collaboration with Physio Comes To You

So as you probably know if you often read my blog and/or follow me on my social media. This year has been pretty tough for me and my family, thanks to my health not being so great. To cut a long story short I've been diagnosed with chronic back and pelvic pain (possible endometriosis) which basically means I'm in some sort of pain every single day and it really affects my day-to-day life. It's definitely been hard trying to adjust to my "new normal" and understanding when my body needs the extra rest and when it's okay to push myself to do more. Overdoing it can literally put me to bed for days but thankfully I have found some things which help to ease the pain a little, I'm never completely pain free but these methods have helped so I thought I'd share them and hope that the tips and tricks below help out any other fellow chronic pain sufferers who read my blog.

Sometimes just getting into a hot bath (preferably with bubbles and/or a bath bomb of course) or having a hot shower helps a lot. I have found that sometimes when I'm in the bath my pelvic pain settles but then when I get out, it sometimes flares up more. So I am a little wary about having a bath but if I'm having a day when my back is acting up more so than the pelvic pain, then I will opt for a bath. I do tend to have more showers than baths though because my pelvic pain tends to be the most painful and intense.

I picked up an affordable bog-standard Tens Machine Unit in the Summer when my pelvic pain began to get worse and it definitely helps. I only use a few of the settings though because some of them feel uncomfortable but I do find the Tens Machine works for both my back and pelvic pain which is good.

Trying to do a small amount of exercise/yoga when I feel like I can manage it and also physiotherapy routines definitely make a difference, even though it can be painful whilst 
doing it most of the time. Something that I didn't know was a thing until recently is that you can even have Home Physiotherapy in the comfort of your home or at your workplace which is super handy. It eliminates child care cost, transport delays, parking fees and removes the inconvenience of not being able to be seen at a suitable time that works for you. You can contact Physio Comes To You by phone, email or through their contact form on their site. They'll aim to respond to your query within the hour and book an appointment convenient for you.

Sometimes I find that the Hottie Massage Bar from LUSH really soothes my pains. If I get a pulled muscle feeling in my upper back which I sometimes do for no reason, I use the Hottie massage bar and it does definitely loosen up your tight muscles a little and it also smells lovely too.

I do have a whole blog post on the way about my experience with trying CBD oil for the first time for my pains and also anxiety, but in a nutshell I do think it's helped my pain out a lot so far. I'm kind of trying it for another week or so before I make up my mind if it's the CBD helping or if I'm just having a "better pain spell" because I do think my hormones changing throughout the month definitely affects my pain a lot (another endo symptom that my doctors aren't noticing, ugh). But I have been using the 500mg Oil from UK CBD Oils* for two weeks up to 6 drops per day and my pain has definitely got better over the past 5 days. But I'll talk about it more in my upcoming blog post.

I'm not sure if it's really a pain reliever but I've found that drinking a couple of cups of chamomile tea per day really settles my mind and sometimes I do think it helps with my pain a little. Also my hot water bottle has been my lifesaver this year. I feel like I've spent the majority of this year sandwiched in between my hot water bottle and bed (lol). I've always found hot water bottles are great for pain relief and also they're just really soothing and kind of comforting when the pain is bad too.

Lastly is knowing my limits and knowing when to not overdo it. It's very frustrating not being able to do things that used to be super simple to do. Even as basic and boring as going out to do a food shop or doing a blog photo session. But now I try and not to overdo it and tell myself it's okay and just try and celebrate the little victories.

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