My Current Hair Care Favourites

I thought I'd talk about hair care today on my blog and talk about which products I have been using a lot and why I've been loving using them. Some of the products I've used before and kind of rediscovered them and the others are new to me and I've either picked up myself or been sent through PR to try out.

First up is the OGX Marula Oil Shampoo* and OGX Marula Oil Conditioner*. Using the two together has made a huge difference in my hair and how it feels. I started to use them both before I cut my hair shorter to a lob again and prior to the haircut, my hair was feeling so dry and just not nice. But using the OGX Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner really helped to soften and tame my hair. I've since gone out and bought their Sugar Plum limited edition Shampoo and Conditioner and I'm just as obsessed! OGX are definitely a new fave hair brand for me. The only thing negative thing I'll say is that you have to be careful how you pick up the bottle because the lid area is quite thin and flimsy and the bottle is heavy so I've accidentally dropped the bottle on my foot a couple of times and yes, it bloody hurt. So you have to remember to pick up the bottle and not by the lid. But that's just me being super picky.  

LUSH Big Sea Salt Shampoo has been a product I've used on and off throughout the past two or three years. It removes any build up in your hair (mainly around your scalp area) and it smells bloody lovely. It's really good if you're a dry shampoo and hairspray user as it really does make your hair feel super clean and refreshed. I'm so gutted that they currently have the BIG body spray available for a short period of time (basically limited edition) and I can't afford to buy it right now. Hopefully it'll stick around until after Christmas and I'll be able to pick it up. It's such a nice, uplifting citrus scent, I really wish they would make it in a shower gel form.

Another one from OGX and it's the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil and it's just a great product that does the job it says and also smells so nice. I'm definitely going to pick up this range from them when I next run out of Shampoo and Conditioner because it's such a gorgeous scent. I also like that the oil is in a spray rather than a pump so it makes it less messy and it also doesn't weigh my hair down like some oils do. 

Now I'm going back to a few old favourites which I've rediscovered lately including the Lee Stafford ChocoLocks Butter Cream* which is literally my all time fave hair mask. It smells of chocolate and it really makes my hair feel smoother and also makes it look shinier. I also find that the pot it comes in seems to last for ages.

Lastly is the Umberto Giannini Frizz Control Styling Milk which I've been using on and off since Spring. First of all I just love Umberto Giannini's packaging it's so cute, it automatically makes me want to buy their products. But luckily pretty much all of the products tried from UG I absolutely love and I think they just work so well for me. They're also really affordable. The Frizz Control Styling Milk is perfect to use on damp hair before blow drying and it really controls any unwanted fly away hairs. It also smells very fresh and floral and I'm always a fan of scents like that.

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*this post contains PR/gifted products,
 all opinions are my own