New Year, New Wardrobe Wishlist

I've decided that this year I'm going to try and get out of my comfort zone with what I wear on a daily basis. I'm very much a fan of a slogan or stripe tee or cosy jumper and leggings/jeggings and either boots or trainers. I just like being comfortable and cosy which isn't a bad thing but when I look in my wardrobe and I just feel like I have a lot of the same things in different colours and patterns. I rarely wear dresses or skirts, although I have been wearing dresses a little bit more over the past few months but that's because I find them comfortable when I'm bloated thanks to my health problems. I recently did a blog post titled "New Year, New Wardrobe" and it was all about why I want to be more confident with what I'm wearing and not to shy away from certain styles because I'm plus size and also to start shopping at different places to where I normally shop. So I thought in this post I'd bring to you a Wishlist which features both things I would buy which are in my comfort zone and also some things which aren't in my comfort zone at all.

 ASOS DESIGN Curve Button Front Leopard Print Top - £18 / ASOS Design Curve Midi Skirt - £16  / Superdry Cord Girlfriend Borg Jacket - £55.99 

I know that leopard print isn't for everyone but I do like it when it's done well if that makes sense. I really like the rust-red coloured leopard print top from ASOS and I like that it's long sleeved and with a V neck and I like the quirky frilly sleeves which I think is a little different for me, I am a fan of a balloon sleeve and also flare sleeves but I don't own anything with frilly sleeves. I also came across the ASOS Design Curve Green Midi Skirt which I thought looked nice. It is midi length and with me only being 5'3 it'd probably drown me like most skirts and dresses do but I really like the pretty green colour and the box pleats. It's eye catching but not over the top and could be dressed up and down too so it's kind of a good staple skirt to have. I love the look of the Superdry Cord Girlfriend Borg Jacket which was priced at £79.99 but is now priced at £55.99 thanks to Love The Sales finding the best deal available. Love The Sales are a great website if you are looking for a designer bargain. You can find the best deals quickly and you can search the sales from 100's of retailers at once. They offer deals on Mens, Womens and Kids clothing to Home, Active, Beauty and Tech too. The Superdry Cord Girlfriend Borg Jacket would be perfect for when the weather gets a little warmer when Spring comes around and maybe even for cooler days in the Summer. I've been told by many people that anything khaki coloured apparently suits me but last year I feel as if I didn't wear it much and I had to throw out my fave go to khaki jumper because I wore it death and it had started to look a bit too worn haha.

Asda George Blue Floral Joggers - £10 / Daisy Street Boyfriend Sweatshirt with West Coast Print - £19.99 / ASOS DESIGN Curve Cord Button Mini Dress in Emerald Green - £28

I really love the look of the Blue Floral Joggers from George and I'd wear them more of a lazy slow day at home. I think joggers are a good in between choice when you don't really want to get dressed properly and want to stay in your pyjamas realistically but also want to feel slightly put together. I like the pretty floral pattern and they look super cosy and comfortable which I obviously like. A brand which I've only got a few pieces from but love are Daisy Street. So when I came across the Boyfriend Slogan Sweatshirt I instantly popped it into my faves on ASOS. I really like sweatshirts and I recently got rid of a few old favourites so I may have to pick this one up soon. 

I absolutely love the style of the Cord Button Mini Dress in Emerald Green from ASOS. I doubt it'd look as nice on my chunky body and I find that you have to size up at least two dress sizes when buying anything cord (a horrible flashback of getting stuck in a size 18 cord pinafore dress in Primark's changing room has just come flooding back to me haha) But hey, it'd still be worth a try. The good thing about the cord button dress is that you can layer it or wear it on its own unlike a pinafore dress, so it's something you could wear during any season really. 

New Look Teddy Faux Fur Bomber Jacket in Burgundy - £29.99 / Yumi Plus Wrap Dress in Floral Print - £28 / ASOS Design Curve Denim Paperbag Skirt - £20

You may have seen this in my wishlist on my blog's homepage already but I think it's so nice and I love the colour too. The only problem with the whole teddy bear coat trend which puts me off is entirely personal and kind of embarrassing but I'll tell you anyway - Basically one of my aunts used to call me "teddy bear" because apparently I'm "cuddly and squishy" which yes, I did find highly offensive and one day when I was in a bad mood I did have a go at her and told her to stop calling me teddy bear and thankfully she stopped straight away. But it kind of puts me off wanted to buy a teddy bear coat for that reason, I know it's stupid but it's literally etched into my brain for eternity and makes me feel more crappy about my body. 

Anyway moving past that embarrassing confession I'm really into wrap dresses on the rare I do wear a dress, it's most likely a wrap dress. I find that they are flattering on my body shape and easy to pick up in different colours and patterns. I really like the Yumi Floral Wrap Dress because I feel like you could wear the pattern in any season and get away with it. They're also a brand that I've never tried before and I'm all about trying new and different brands this year. I'm yet to find a denim skirt that 1) doesn't drown me and 2) fits me comfortably and I've recently come across this elasticated "paperbag" style skirt and really like the look of it. It does look like it would be a little long but it's definitely something I'm planning on buying and trying out soon.

New Look Oversized Coat - £49.99 / ASOS COLLUSION Plus Rouched Wrap Dress - £22 / New Look Fluffy Cardigan in Red - £13.50 

Let's face it the New Look Oversized Coat would drown me but I do really like the style and design of the coat itself. So it's kind of on my wishlist as a note to myself to maybe try a coat similar at some point this year. Another wrap dress has made it onto my wishlist which is the Rouched Wrap Dress from ASOS. I like that it kind of looks like it was made in the 80's and it also has a drawstring waist so if I want to make my waist look a little more emphasised then I can do easily. Plus you can't go wrong with a black dress with a bit of a twist. Lastly is the New Look fluffy cardigan which is very much a comfort zone staple of mine. I love a fluffy or chunky knit cardigan in the winter and this definitely fits the bill. I definitely seem to have a thing for burgundy right now too which is probably another reason why it caught my eye. 

What's on your current fashion wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. So many gorgeous choices! I love that floral wrap dress, the print is super pretty and I find the wrap design to be so flattering xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. You've picked some real gems here - I love the look of the last wrap dress, super cute!

    Lucy | Forever September