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I haven't had any beauty boxes for around about a year as I've just been getting through the products I already own (either things I've bought or things through PR). So after a bit of a break from beauty boxes, I was so excited to receive Latest in Beauty's Spring 2019 Beauty Heroes Box*. Latest in Beauty are the place to go if you want to get yourself a bargain one-off beauty box or if you want to build your own beauty box each month. In today's post I'm talking about their Spring 2019 Beauty Heroes box which is worth £124 but you can get everything for £28... yep really. It's a complete steal! The box contains 15 must have Spring products and 10 of those products are full sized too!

I'll admit there's a few things in the box that I probably won't use and will pass on to someone who will use them including the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner which I have tried  before and unfortunately it just doesn't agree with my skin. If you have read this post then you'll know that I struggle finding facial mists which work for my awkward skin. The other product that I probably won't hang onto is the Vita Liberata Fabulous Gradual Self Tan Lotion because fake tan basically scares the hell out of me and any previous attempts at trying fake tan have just either turned into a disaster or it just doesn't seem to look right on me. I think I'm just used to looking like Caspar the Ghost to be honest (lol). However I do like the sound of a gradual tan which gives you a "skin kissed glow" so maybe I'll give it a whirl first before I pass it on to someone else. 

I love Latest in Beauty one-off boxes because they always have a good mixture of products and the Spring 2019 Beauty Box is no different. I've tried some of the products out already and I can't wait to try the rest. But I'll talk about the products I've tried so far first -

I was excited to see Molton Brown's latest release Suede Orris in the box - how fancy. The bath and shower gel smells so lovely and I definitely think I'm going to have to treat myself to the full size once I finish the travel size because I'm a bit obsessed. 

I really like that they included Yardley London's latest release which is the Flowerful Collection. Inside the cute box are the three scents in the collection which all smell gorgeous - Elegant Iris, Luxe Gardenia, Decadent Mimosa but I'm definitely mostly drawn to the Decadent Mimosa EDT and I'm going to have to pick up the full size version because it's literally the perfect scent for Spring/Summer and I've already looked online and it's only £20! (I may even pop it on my birthday wishlist, hmm).

A brand which I've been meaning to try for ages is Soaper Duper just because I've heard so many great things about their products and I love their fun looking packaging designs. So I was excited to see the Soaper Duper Yuzufruit & Fig Body Butter in the box. It smells really fresh and it doesn't take ages to dry like some thick body butters do, so it's definitely staying in my current body lotion stash. 

A brand I have tried before which were in the box is Purple Tree Skincare but I've only ever tried their Coconut and Shea Butter balms and not the Pomegranate Miracle Balm which is included in the Spring 2019 Beauty Heroes Box so it was a nice change. I find them to be really similar to the Glossier BalmDot Com balms but cheaper and the Pomegranate version has a very slight sheen tint going on which I really like. 

I've already got a few polishes from Nailberry and they are so good! Most of the time you can get away with just applying one coat and they seem to dry so much quicker than other known brands. Funny enough, I'm pretty sure it was a Latest in Beauty box which introduced me to Nailberry and since then I've bought a few other shades. So I was happy to find another Nailberry Nail Lacquer in the shade Fashionista (shades may vary) which is a gorgeous plum pink shade. I've been wearing it ever since I received the box, it's just a really pretty pop of colour for my nails for Spring.

I couldn't wait to try the Nexxus Nutrivive Encapsulate Serum for Normal to Dry Hair which is definitely unique looking! My hair is in desperate need of a chop and the ends are all dry and dead at the minute so this has been a great product to just smooth it out and calm it down. I did find the product to be slightly sticky upon application but it's not too bad and I do think it helps to smooth out my crazy hair.

Another brand I've been meaning to try since they were released maybe a year or two ago now are CYO. So again, I was happy to see a product by them in the box which is their CYO Turn On the Light Illuminating Mixing Cream. It's literally perfect for matte foundations (like my much loved Revlon Colorstay) when you just want your base to look a little more glowy and radiant during the Spring and Summer months. I can already tell you that it's going to be a firm staple in my makeup bag.

I haven't really tried out the Fade Out Advanced+ Age Protection Day Cream long enough to give a proper review but I've used it a couple of times and I like that it's not super thick but it feels like it's doing something good to my skin and it hasn't made me break out. The texture feeling quite mousse-like if that makes sense, so if you have an oilier skin type like myself then hopefully you will get along with it. As I've already mentioned in some previous blog posts I have started to use some anti-ageing products because apparently when you hit 25 that's the "right age" to begin using them and I turn 25 next month (gulp)

The other products in the box I've not got around to trying out just yet but I'm obviously going to mention them in this post anyway and write about what they are and what they claim to do - 

I'm not going to lie, I didn't know what the Nuxe Nuxellence Eclat was until I read the leaflet that comes in every LiB telling you what products are included in the box and what they are for. From what I can gather the Nuxe Nuxellence Eclat is a illuminating cream that you should put on first thing in the morning after cleansing to give you a lovely radiant glow. It smells really fresh and it has a formula rich in passion flower and hyaluronic acid. I'm actually looking forward to trying this out, I'm just waiting for a spell when my skin is looking really flat and drab (instead of shiny and oily lol) and then I can see if it really works.

The Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Serum is something I'm going try when my skin is feeling on the drier side as it's got lots of super nourishing oils in it from Jojoba oil, Argan oil and more so if you've got dry skin then you'll probably love this product! My skin seems to go from being oily and then I'll have a full week of it feeling on the drier side so I'll try it out then (probs will do a mini review on my insta stories). Something I will say about this is that I love the packaging design as it's got a dropper and you press down the button on the top to pick up the serum and then press the button to release it. The serum also smells gorgeous and it has a really classic rose scent which I like. I know if it doesn't agree with my skin then my mum will whisk it away and use it on her skin as she does have a drier and more sensitive skin type than me.

I have so many hand creams in the house that I'm currently trying to use up ones which are almost finished which is purposely why I haven't tried the Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hand Cream just yet. I tend to either get hand creams in gift sets at Christmas or my birthday and then I get sent products through PR so I always have a ton to use. Like the hand cream, I always have dry shampoo at hand so I'm definitely going to give the Sport FX Fresh Vanilla Dry Shampoo a proper go once my Bastiste Dry Shampoo is empty.

Noughty are another brand I've been meaning to try for a while so again, it was great to see their Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner in the Spring 2019 Beauty Heroes box. I haven't tried it yet but I've got it on my bedside table so I remember to use it.


I've loved this box as it's introduced me to brands I've never tried before and I've also got to try some products from brands I've been meaning to try out for a while. I'll even go as far as saying that it's probably been my fave box from LiB I've ever had! 

Have you tried LiB before? You can pick up the Spring 2019 Beauty Heroes box for £28 here!

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  1. I've never tried latest in beauty boxes but they're such a fab idea. I love the idea of trying new products each month!

    Katie | XX