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I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the products in the Glossier Play range, I wasn't blown away. I'm not into full-on "out there" makeup, I'm very much a natural/minimal makeup kinda gal most of the time, which is why I like most of the original Glossier makeup range. I'm not really into glitter, bold colours and things like that. However after watching Lucy Jane Wood's video and also Joanna Spicer's video, I realised that a few of the products aren't as "out there" as they initially looked online, so I decided to try them for myself.

I decided to grab the NiteShine Highlighter Concentrate in Pale Pearl priced at £17 and Vinylic Lip in Pony priced at £14. The NiteShine Highlighter looks very OTT on Glossier's promo photos which is why I wasn't interested at first, however upon first application it's pretty natural and glowy looking which I really like and I think it will look really nice with my spring/summer makeup looks. I've found instead of applying it from with the applicator, I pop a little on my fingers and tap and blend it in that way, just to make it look more natural. You can build it up to more of an full-on highlighter too but as I've already mentioned that's just not my cup of tea. The weird but good thing about the NiteShine Highlighter Concentrate is that even though it looks like a cream, when you actually apply it, it almost feels powdery so it's really easy to blend out. There are 4 shades available right now - Pale Pearl, Platinum Rose, Deep Copper and Molten Umber. Some people have moaned about the size of the product with it only being a 10ml (not much bigger than a bog standard nail polish) but I personally think it's not a bad price. When you think about the size and price of Benefit's High Beam which is priced at £22 then the Glossier price seems better (and obvs Glossier are cruelty-free whereas Benefit are not).

I also decided to pick up the Vinylic Lip in Pony which is probably the most natural shade out of the 6 shades available as of right now. It's described as a "High Shine Lacquer" which kind of intrigued me but also scared me at the same time. I like that it's in a clicky pen format with a cushion applicator as I don't have many lipsticks like that. I feel like it looks and feels more like a balm than a lacquer, it does feel slightly sticky when you first apply it but after a few minutes the stickiness goes away and then you're left with a pretty shiny lip colour. It doesn't last all day with it being quite balm-like so you would have to apply throughout the day but I do think it's pretty and I hope they bring out more nude shades to the range as I would buy a few more. The 6 Shades available right now are called - Bank, Blow-Up, Disco, Casino, Baby and Pony.

The one thing which I feel lets the Glossier Play range down is the plastic packaging inside the box, although it's pretty, it's just not needed as the branding and product design is fine as it is. But overall, I do like the products I've tried from the range but I'll admit that's nothing else in the Glossier Play range right now I shall be buying and trying as they are just not for me. But if you are more into natural, minimal makeup then I would recommend the two products I've tried from the Glossier Play range.

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