Trying Out Naturopathica Citrus Flavoured CBD Lozenges *

-*This post is in collaboration with Naturopathica, all opinions are my own-
I'm always talking about how CBD has really helped with my chronic pains, anxiety and sleeping problems and although I'm still in pain daily using CBD has definitely taken the edge off my daily pain and has literally stopped me being basically bed bound like I was for the majority of last year. Throughout last year I received minimal help and advice from the many doctors and other healthcare professionals I saw and although I'm 95% sure I have endometriosis and I think I've actually had it since I was a early teen. I've just been constantly fobbed off by everyone and passed around like a parcel and just been told it's "chronic pain" which basically means you've had pain in this particular area for over a certain amount of months so yep, it's chronic. I just feel extremely let down by the people who are supposed to help. So I've taken matters into my own hands for now and I'm just going along with it as best as I can and I'm taking CBD oil daily and I've also started on the pill to see if it'll relieve my pelvic pain and I tend to use a hot water bottle daily and my TENS machine most days too. 

Over the past 3 weeks I've been trying out Naturopathica CBD 10mg Lozenges RRP £34.99* which are the only CBD Lozenges available in the UK right now. They contain cannaQIX, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Zinc. Each lozenge has a lovely Citrus flavour which is great if you have tried CBD products before but were put off by the taste. Inside each box you receive 20 Lozenges each containing a high strength dose of 10mg of CBD. Their recommended dosage is 2 Lozenges per day and I've been having one or two daily depending on how I'm feeling. Every batch Naturopatchica produce is lab tested and can guarantee a THC level of less of 0.2% so all of the products of completely safe and will not give you any unwanted effects.

I've found these to work as well as the go-to CBD oils I use and I think they are great. They have a lovely citrus flavour and basically taste like you're eating a sweet and I've found them so handy to take out and about with me. Whenever I leave the house, no matter what length of time I'm planning to be out from 10 minutes to 10 hours, I always take a bottle of CBD oil just in case I have a bad pain flare up. Obviously this comes with the risk of it potentially leaking into my bag and all over my phone, earphones and anything else in my bag and also potentially smashing in my bag and even falling out of my bag and smashing on the floor, all of which wouldn't be a great outcome. With the Naturopathica Lozenges the packaging has been pre-cut so you can take one or two or as many as you need with you which I find is so helpful. I've also found that these are really great to use at night before going to sleep if you're feeling a little anxious. A few nights ago I felt anxious for no apparent reason and my chest felt fluttery and tight and I took one lozenge and within about 20 minutes I was feeling back to normal and I fell asleep shortly afterwards. So overall I do really like these and would pick up again. 

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  1. CBD oils seem to be everywhere now! I like the sound of them as lozenges rather than an oil- I might give them a try because they're always handy to have for both pain and anxiety! It sucks to hear that doctors aren't doing anything to help diagnose your endometriosis- I hope you do see a difference soon!
    Chloe X

  2. These sound amazing. I'm currently trying out an oil but the taste is rank so i might give these a go!

    Jess |

  3. These look good!! I may have to consider these if they work just as good as the oil

    Coralle x