3 Simple Ways Which I've Found Have Increased My Instagram Engagement


I thought I'd share the 3 ways which I've found have really helped to increase my instagram engagement. I've been trying out these 3 ways for a couple of weeks now, maybe even a month or so? I honestly don't know, I've kind of lost the sense of time because this year seems to be flying by! Anyway, I can definitely see a difference when I put these to the test and when I don't, so it's helping somewhere along the line. I kind of have an on/off love for instagram because there's nothing more annoying than taking the photos specifically for insta and thanks to insta's algorithm, they bomb and it automatically makes you think that your photos are crap, ugh. But it's just instagram being a dick usually and not showing your photos on other people's timelines. 

Like AND Comment On Photos - 
Although it's nice for someone to like your photo and kind of say "I like this photo" or "I like or support what you've wrote in your caption" you should say what you think in the comments too! I've definitely found this to help and I think if you're properly engaging with an account/photo and liking AND commenting on their latest photo then it gives their photo a boost on other people's timelines and they also may return the like and comment out of generosity too. 

P.S please don't just write "Great photo" or something like that because well, that's not really engaging, is it? and it also just makes you just look like a spam account lol. 

Don't Post On Your Grid Daily -
This 100% works. When I post daily, I find that my interaction rate is definitely less. Whereas if I post every other day or every 3 days then I tend to get a lot more likes and/or comments. I still tend to post on my insta stories every day and I obviously like and comment on other people's posts daily too, but I find that if I post between 3-4 photos on my grid per week then I get a better overall engagement rate.

Post At Certain Times -
I've personally found that if I post in the evening during the week anytime between 5-8pm and then either in the morning around 10-11am or evening around 6-8pm on the weekend I tend to get more likes. 

I hope these tips help with your account if you're struggling with instagram right now. I know how much of a pain it can be when you put in the effort and get nothing back!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips with us

    Candice x


  2. Instagram seems to be having a moment right now, my engagement has been so poor recently! I try not to post daily as well because I find it doesn't help!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It's a pain in the arse isn't it? I don't know why instagram can't just sort it out x

  3. This is really interesting!
    I started my blog last week and started an Instagram for it at the same time so I'm currently trying to build up an audience (for both!).
    That's really interesting that you've found better engagement by not posting everyday! I've been feeling really pressured to put a picture out every day but now I think I'll relax a little more :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Rachel | The Modern Bohemian

  4. Thank you for the tips! I try my best to comment on photos rather than just liking them - it feels great when you get a comment on your photo x