5 Tips For Lighting Your Home *

-This post is in collaboration with Inspyer Lighting-

5 Tips for Lighting Your Home

Lighting your home may seem like a simple task; you just buy the bulbs and flip the switch, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that and things can actually go wrong. But don’t worry, I have teamed up with Inspyer Lighting to offer you five useful tips. Think About Different Types of Lighting
Each room in your home will require a different type of lighting depending on you use it. For example, floor and table lamps are great for your living room because they are warm, which will improve relaxation. Pendant lights are a fantastic choice for your dining room because they look incredible when hanging over the middle of the table. Layer Your Lighting
Layering your lighting will allow you to manipulate each space in a room to suit what you’re doing. For example, you might need task lighting in your kitchen so that you don’t have any accidents whilst chopping food. This could come in the form of under cupboard lights. As well as task lighting, you’ll also need a ceiling light to light up the rest of the room. Consider Dimmer Switches
Dimmer switches are great because they allow you to control the mood in the room. For example, if you’re having a movie night you can dim the lights and make the room feel like a cinema. If you’re having a candle-lit dinner you can dim the lights to up the romance. Alternatively, if you’re doing some work or helping your kids with their homework, you can turn the lights up.

It’s easy to install dimmer switches and they may even help you save energy, reducing your overall bills. If you’re into smart home technology you could hook your lights up to your phone and adjust the lighting from the comfort of your chair. Think About Size
The size of the room will determine what size light fixture you should go for. For instance, a great big chandelier will look silly in your tiny spare bedroom, but would look magnificent in a grand hall way. Check the measurements before you buy! Buy the Right Bulbs
LED lightbulbs are a great choice because they are more energy efficient and will help to reduce your overall utility bills. However, they are expensive to purchase so it’s important to consider whether or not they’re worth the investment. Some bulbs don’t work with dimmer switches so be sure to do your research.

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