Trying Out CBD Buddy 5% CBD Oil

-This post contains gifted/PR samples, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
As you probably already know if you read my blog often and/or follow me on social media. I use CBD oil daily for my chronic pain and it definitely helps with my symptoms. So when I got the opportunity to try out CBD Buddy's CBD oil I obviously said yes! Also as I've said before, when I test out and feature any CBD products on my blog I always look into the brand, their reviews and also make sure they have lab results available to view before I say yes.  They sell 3%, 5% and 10% CBD oil and they also sell vaping products too if that's more your jam. Personally I'm not a fan of smoking or vaping but whatever floats your boat, eh? 

I was sent over their 5% 500mg CBD Oil* which is the strength I do usually buy from other brands anyway. I also try to have a 10% 1000mg strength CBD oil for really bad pain days too. I find that the 3% 300mg does absolutely nothing for my pains, it's just not strong enough. Whereas 5% 500mg does usually help to ease the pain and it's cheaper than 10% 1000mg. So I use 5% daily and then if I'm having a bad pain day I'll use a 10% one instead. The reason why I don't use 10% daily is because I find the 5% works most days and I don't want to use something stronger when I don't need it as I do get through 2-3 bottles of CBD per month so the amount of money I spend per month on CBD does mount up pretty quickly.

The CBD Buddy 5% 500mg Oil works well for my usual daily pain but if I flare up bad then it doesn't really help much. I think it slightly takes the edge off when I'm in a lot of pain but it doesn't ease it enough for me to be comfortable if that makes sense. But I do think it's a good oil overall. I'd probably opt for the next strength up if I was to pick up another bottle from CBD Buddy though. It does have the typical cbd taste but it doesn't linger on like some brands do and if you have a sip of water or a cup of tea after taking it then it gets rid of the taste right away. 

CBD Buddy are one of the most affordable CBD brands on the market right now and their 5% CBD Oil is only £24.99 with free delivery which is a bargain if you want to try CBD oil for yourself but don't want to spend a lot of money. 

Overall I think if you do have chronic pain then maybe go for the next strength up just to make sure it will (hopefully) work for you. If you're looking to try CBD oil for aches and pains, sleep and anxiety problems then the 5% option would most likely be a good one to try out first. If I'm being totally honest, I find the 3% option from any brand doesn't help me with any problems from sleep, anxiety, pains etc. But obviously it's entirely up to you which you try out but that's just from my personal experience.

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