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I know some people have started following me lately on both twitter and insta because they are interested in following my "endo journey". If you're not familiar then it's basically following my journey whilst I deal with my chronic pain and wait to finally be diagnosed with endometriosis which I'm pretty sure I have. I also know that some fellow chronic illness sufferers who are also bloggers like to see how I'm getting on with new medication and also seeing if I've tried any new methods to help ease my pain. However if you don't know about my chronic pain and how it started then here's a run down: I've been unwell since January last year. It started out as a really bad back problem and then around March my stomach started to hurt and I was getting really bad acid after eating and drinking pretty much anything. I changed up my diet and tried to eat as clean as possible after a unhelpful doctors appointment where they basically just told me I was fine and that I should just lose some weight. As I was unhappy with my first appointment I went back for a second opinion as I honestly was worried I had cancer or something sinister like that and then I had some tests done at the doctors and they diagnosed me with "Gastritis" which is basically a way of saying "You have inflammation in your stomach, we don't know what's causing it. Bye". So helpful... not. I was put on Omeprozole which I didn't like and then they switched me to Ranitidine and I'm still taking it daily now. Then in April I began to start having a lot of pain around my pelvic bone and ovaries and it's not stopped since. So I've basically been in pain every day since January last year with my pelvic area, back and also my stomach. Fun. 

I have tried a few different methods over the past couple of months to try and relieve the pain and thankfully I have found some things which help a little with the pain (most of the time anyway) but I do still struggle daily in day-to-day life. The majority of my doctors and hospital appointments have been really unhelpful if I'm being totally honest, so I'm just trying to manage the symptoms myself until someone finally listens to me and actually sends me for the laparoscopy I want. I've also been having some issues with my ears over the past month or so which is pretty normal for me as it's been an issue since I was younger. I have very narrow and small ear canals apparently which means I'm quite prone to earache, ear infections and I also get sinusitis quite bad too. I'm definitely going to be talking to my doctor about it at my next appointment.

Although I don't have huge news on the life update front, I have been making some (loose) plans for the summer which is exciting as last year I was basically completely bed bound throughout the whole of summer which really sucked. I had major FOMO and there was nothing I could do about it. It obviously depends on how I get on with my pain and if the new pill I'm on actually helps too. It's still all trial and error but fingers crossed I'll actually manage to do more this summer and go on some day trips and maybe even a few weekend breaks too. I'm also still doing the whole "thinking positively" thing and believing in the law of attraction as I'm pretty sure it works. This past week has been crazy and pretty much everyday things I've been wanting to happen, have actually happened. You can read more about why I believe in the law of attraction here

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  1. I hope you start to get some answers soon and are feeling better!

    Katie | www.juskatiee.com XX