Magnitone Fuzz Off 3-in-1 Hair Trimmer Tool | Is It Any Good?

-This post contains a PR/gifted item, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
The Magnitone London Fuzz Off 3-in-1 Rechargable Precision Hair Trimmer* is priced at £30 on their website and it's a great way to get rid of any stray hair or unwanted female facial fuzz. They claim that it's quick and easy to easy and also pain free which is a ~big~ deal to me. I wouldn't say that I have a low pain threshold at all especially with all my health problems but I do find that plucking my eyebrows (especially if I've let them get out of hand a little) hurts a lot! Obviously using the 3-in-1 Hair Trimmer means that the hair isn't pulled from the root like it would be if you was using a pair of tweezers or an epilator so this means the hair will grow back at a quicker rate but if you want to remove hair quickly and in a pain free way then maybe this is the way to go for simple things such as your brows, lip and chin hair, stray underarm hair and even your bikini line (which there is a specific attachment for). 

It's rechargeable by USB and 1 charge = 90 minutes of use and it comes with 3 interchangeable heads for facial hair removal (peach fuzz), brow shaping and bikini/underarm trimming along with a comb-guard to alter the trimming length. It also has a little brush to brush off any hair on the heads. It spins at 300 times per second so that it removes the fine hairs and leaves the skin soft and smooth and it's also suitable for sensitive skin types. There's two options to choose from in terms of colour and these are white and pink.

It's honestly been a dream to use over the past few weeks and even my mum is thinking about buying one. It hasn't annoyed my skin in any way and my skin is erring on the sensitive side these days and it's super easy to use and pain free as they promised. The only thing I haven't used it for ~yet~ is the brow trimming aspect and this is just because I had an accident a few years ago with a brow trimmer where I literally took off half of my eyebrow. But to be fair I wasn't properly concentrating so it was my own fault. So I had to walk around for a good month with a very obvious pencilled in eyebrow. So yep, I'm probably scarred for life after that incident if I'm being totally honest haha. I think I might try it on my arm hair as a tester a couple of times and see how I get on but don't hold me to it because I'm scared.


So overall I've used it for peach fuzz, lip and chin hair, removing hair underneath my brow (very carefully!) and just tidying up around my brows and also my bikini line and I've got no complaints at all. I think it's really handy to have at hand if you've made last minute plans or if you've noticed you got a patch of stray hair under your arms or on your legs etc because you can just whip the Fuzz Off out and get rid of it in no time. It's obviously a great tool to have whilst travelling too because it's small enough to fit inside a makeup bag, lightweight and charges via USB. Once again, Magnitone have done it again and it's a big thumbs up from me and I know it's only October and it may be a premature but this really would make a fab gift for someone at Christmas!

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